AGR Recruiter Accessions

AGR Recruiter Accession Process

Recruiter candidates are selected from AGR panel approved recommended lists based upon eligibility requirements and needs of the AGR Program. Soldiers selected by Enlisted Accessions to receive an AGR Recruiter offer are notified directly and then sent additional 79R application packet for completion.

Current Army Reserve (TPU, IMA, IRR) Soldier that have been notified eligible for the AGR Program after a Panels convened can volunteer to be screened for USAR AGR Recruiting. Soldiers can send an email from their respective .mil account to the USAR AGR Recruiting Team mailbox at:

Subject Line "Soldier requests screening for USAR AGR Recruiting"

In the body of the email, please state your FULL NAME, RANK, MOS, FULL DODID#, and PHONE NUMBER.

Active Army, Army Reserve (TPU, IMA and IRR) and National Guard Soldiers

AGR Recruiter (MOS 79R) Requirements

Current Members of the Army Reserve (TPU, IMA, IRR, AGR), and Active Army Soldiers interested in the AGR Program may be eligible to become an AGR Recruiter. Currently National Guard Soldiers are not eligible to become AGR Recruiters for the USAR. All Soldiers must be selected for and placed on the AGR Consideration List (after submitting an AGR Packet). Eligibility criteria are outlined in the regulation on the Army pubs website (, you must search the list for AR 601-1, Assignment Of Enlisted Personnel To The Us Army Recruiting Command, see Chapter 6.

Recruiter Benefits

AGR Recruiters (MOS 79R) have excellent promotion opportunities through the grade of SFC. Serving as a Detailed AGR Recruiter is a career enhancing assignment for Soldiers currently serving in the AGR Program. In addition to active duty pay and benefits, Recruiters receive up to $300 Special Duty Assignment Pay (SDAP), use of a government vehicle, and a monthly expense allowance.

HRC Fort Knox reviews the packet, submits waivers, and if necessary, requests a security screening, a medical screening, and a Recruiter Background Investigation (RBI). Once screening requirements are complete, the Soldier is scheduled to attend the Army Recruiter Course (ARC). Upon graduation from the ARC, assignment to a Recruiting Center is processed based on the needs of the U.S. Army Recruiting Command and Soldier's areas of preference to the greatest extent possible. Assignment to a recruiting center (upon completion of the Army Recruiting Course) is based on the needs of the AGR Program. However, when choosing the location where you will serve every effort is made to accommodate your location preference.

Additional information can be found at the USAR AGR Recruiter Common Questions section:


You can find additional information and/or contact the US Army Recruiting and Retention School, Fort Knox, KY, via the Schoolhouse webpage at

Current AGR Soldiers, Become a Detailed Recruiter

Are you looking for challenging duty that encourages individual initiative, "out of the box" thinking, and face-to-face communications? Do you want to leave the beaten path for a few years and gain skills you can use for the rest of your life? Can you see yourself living and working in a major metropolitan area, taking in the sights and sounds of the big city while representing the Army and the AGR Program in its most favorable light? If so, then recruiting duty is for you!

The AGR Program needs to replace approximately 50 detailed recruiters in its ranks every year in addition to any new assignments recently added to the program. The majority of Soldiers for these positions are recommended by their Talent Mangers based on information in their Career Management Information File (CMIF). Assignment to a recruiting battalion (upon completion of the Army Recruiting Course) is based on the needs of the AGR Program. However, when choosing the location where you will serve every effort is made to accommodate your location preference.

The rewards of recruiting are many, not the least of which are the intangible benefits of satisfaction in doing a difficult job well and the pride of standing at the “tip of the spear" in your Army’s recruiting efforts. Due to the fact that all AGR recruiter positions are Skill Level 4 / E7 / SFC positions, as well as Recruiting Duty is a career enhancing assignment, AGR Soldiers serving as detailed recruiters have historically experienced quicker advancement to SFC. In the AGR Program there is no faster track from SGT to SFC than through recruiting duty. Recruiters also receive up to an additional $300 per month in Special Duty Pay upon assignment to a recruiting battalion, while receiving up to $75 in reimbursements per month for expenses related to Recruiting.

Selection for this highly visible and extremely important duty is not easy. If you are considering this career move, a quick review of Army Regulation AR 601-1 is advisable (see above for Army pubs link). If you are an AGR Soldier and are interested in becoming a Detail Recruiter, complete a DA Form 4187 requesting consideration for detailed recruiting along with a DA Form 4187-1 and forward it thru your Chain of Command to your Talent Manager. Talent Managers will then prescreen their Soldiers for Detailed Recruiting, once prescreened, Talent Management will send the AGR Soldiers information to the AGR Recruit the Recruiter Team for further screening and Army Recruiter Course (ARC) reservations.

U.S. Army Human Resources Command (AHRC-ARE)

1600 Spearhead Division Avenue

 Fort Knox, KY 40121


Detailed Recruiter Benefits

Recruiters have excellent promotion potential to Sergeant First Class. In addition to typical active duty pay and benefits, detailed recruiters receive up to $300 a month Special Duty Assignment Pay (SDAP).


Detailed Recruiter Service Commitments

Upon successful completion of the Army Recruiter Course at Ft. Knox, KY, you serve three years as an AGR Recruiter while assigned to U.S. Army Recruiting Command (USAREC). At the end of this three-year commitment, you may elect to reclassify to MOS 79R or return to serve in your Primary Military Occupational Specialty (PMOS), Secondary Military Occupational Specialty (SMOS) or Additional Military Occupational Specialty (AMOS), based on the needs of the AGR Program.

While assigned as a Recruiter and after successful completion of ARC, depending on your MOS and the needs of the Army, you receive either the 79R MOS or the Special Qualification Identifier (SQI) 4 on your PMOS (for example, 42A34). While you perform duties as a detailed recruiter (SQI 4), you are considered for promotion against current and projected 79R vacancies. However, if selected, you are still promoted in your PMOS and not MOS 79R.

AGR Recruiter Eligibility Requirements

Prospective AGR Recruiters must:

1.  Must be a US citizen by birth or naturalization (Non-waiverable)

2.  Must hold the rank of SGT through SFC (Non-waiverable)

3.  Must possess a GT score of 95 and a ST score of 90 (waiverable).

4.  Must be a high school graduate with diploma or have a GED.

5.  Must have no more than 9 years of Active Federal Service for SGT and have 1 year time in grade, no more than more than 15 years of Active Federal Service for SSG (waiverable) and no more than 17 years Active Federal Service. (non-waiverable).

6. Must be at least age 21 and no older than 39 years of age (Waiverable up to age 45)

7.  Must meet the height and weight standards of AR 600-9 or possess a medical determination of acceptable body fat limits (Non-waiverable)

9.  Must have passed an Army Combat Fitness Test within the past 6 months (Non-waiverable)

10.  Must meet the medical fitness standards for retention required by AR 40-501, Chapter 3 (Non-waiverable)

       a.  Must have a minimum physical profile of 132321 

       b.  Must be medically certified as drug free, Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) negative within the last 12 months, and have a current PHA

       c.  Must not possess a medical profile for shaving

       d.  Must not be currently pregnant and must have been tested within the last 30 days

11.  Must not have been previously relieved from duty with USAREC (Non-waiverable)

12.  Must not have voluntarily left the AGR Program within the past 12 months (Waiverable)

13.  Must not have any lost time under Title 10, USC during the current enlistment or in the past 3 years, whichever is longer (Non-waiverable)

14.  Must be able to pass a security check and receive a favorable Recruiter Background Investigation from HQ, USAREC (Non-waiverable)

15.  Must have favorable civilian and military disciplinary records (Non-waiverable)

16.  Must never have been convicted by civilian court or military courts-martial (Non-waiverable)

17.  Must never have had action taken (including proceedings under the provisions of Article 15, UCMJ) by any authority for:

       a.  An offense for which the maximum penalty under UCMJ is death or confinement for 1 year or more (Non-waiverable) or

       b.  Any offense that involved moral turpitude regardless of the sentence received (Non-waiverable)

18.  Must possess a valid civilian driver's license (Non-waiverable)

19.  Must be financially stable and must not have filed for bankruptcy within the last 3 years (Non-waiverable)

20.  Must not be a sole parent of a child or children under the age of 18 or for a person beyond the age of 18 who is handicapped (waiverable)

21.  Must possess an approved Family Care Plan if married to another service member or a single parent (Non-waiverable)

22.  Must have no marital, emotional, or major medical problems (to include immediate family) that would hamper performance on recruiting duty (Non-waiverable)

23.  Must not have been enrolled in a Drug and/or Alcohol Dependency Intervention Program within the last 36 months (Non-waiverable)

24.  Must possess excellent military appearance and bearing and have no obvious distracting physical abnormalities or mannerisms (Non-waiverable)

25.  Have no conviction for DUI or DWI (Non-waiverable)

26.  Must possess a security clearance level of SECRET or higher

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