Commander's Packet Instructions

Congratulations on your selection to become an Army Recruiter!!

DA Select commander's packets must be sent to:


Please download, complete, and e-mail the linked forms to the RTR team e-mail address above.
You have 30 days from the date you are notified to send your commander's packet.


Sole Parent- If you are a sole parent you will need to submit a copy of your approved family care plan and a sole parent memo.



  • Tattoo Template
  • If you have tattoos on your hands or neck, PLEASE notify us IMMEDIATELY.
  • If you have tattoos include color photographs along with location and description of ALL tattoos not located in a "private" area of your body. For tattoos located in a private area provide drawings of them.



  • The RTR Assignment Team will contact you. They are tracking all of the class rosters and will start working your assignment whether you are a CONUS or OCONUS Soldier.
  • CONUS Soldiers can expect to receive assignment information no later than the second week after your arrival at the course.
  • OCONUS Soldiers can expect to receive assignment information between 45 to 30 days prior to their DEROS.
  • USAREC assigns Soldiers down to the battalion level, the battalion leadership is responsible for determining pinpoint assignments. Please contact the battalion point of contact once you receive your RFO from the Assignments Section.
  • All Soldiers must have 36 months of service remaining from their reporting date to their recruiting battalion. Soldiers must meet this requirement before beginning the assignment process.