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News | June 20, 2024

U.S. Army Introduces "The Impossible Kick" to Boost Recruitment

By Richard Beckett Kansas City Recruiting Battalion

The U.S. Army Recruiting Command recently launched "The Impossible Kick," an innovative initiative aimed at engaging potential recruits and influencers. This dynamic approach integrates an exciting and interactive element into major events like the United Football League Championship, targeting the Gen Z audience to raise awareness and interest.

On June 16, 2024, "The Impossible Kick" was featured at the 2024 UFL Championship in St. Louis, Missouri. The event, which attracted an energetic crowd, including NFL legends Tom Brady and Kurt Warner alongside other celebrities, who participated in the Impossible Kick competition, drawing significant attention.

Maj. Gen. Christopher Beck, commanding general of the Maneuver Support Center of Excellence and Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, presented the game ball. Additionally, Col. Adam Smith, deputy commanding officer of USAREC, officiated an enlistment ceremony where twenty young men and women from the St. Louis area took the oath of enlistment, becoming Soldiers in the United States Army.

The Impossible Kick competition involves a football goal post standing 40 feet high with uprights just 5 feet apart. Participants use a compressed air cannon to fire footballs through the goalpost, with teams competing to score the most field goals within one minute and thirty seconds. This thrilling contest offers prospects and influencers a unique opportunity to interact with Army soldiers and explore career possibilities within the Army.

Adrian Salvatierra of DDB Worldwide Communications Group LLC, the agency responsible for planning and executing the Army’s advertising program, emphasized the strategic importance of partnering with the UFL. "The UFL's broad appeal and dynamic events provide an excellent opportunity for the Army to connect with young people in a meaningful way, highlighting the parallels between athletic discipline and military service," said Salvatierra.

He added, "The excitement and competitive spirit of UFL events mirror the challenges and rewards of Army service, making this partnership a natural fit to engage potential recruits and showcase what we offer."

The initiative is part of a broader effort to generate Army awareness and leads through direct engagement at popular events. However, the Army faces several recruitment challenges, including a shrinking eligible pool due to physical, mental, and legal disqualifications, a competitive job market, and public perception issues. Many young people lack awareness or hold negative perceptions of military careers due to recent conflicts and political polarization.

The COVID-19 pandemic further disrupted traditional recruiting methods, heightening health concerns among potential recruits. Additionally, meeting the Army's educational and fitness standards remains challenging for many young Americans.

1st Lt. Caleb Winebrenner, the St. Louis Recruiting Company operations officer, who was instrumental in planning and executing the Army’s involvement highlighted the importance of addressing these challenges through innovative strategies. "By collaborating with the UFL, we can demonstrate the teamwork, dedication, and resilience that are essential in both sports and the Army, inspiring the next generation to consider military careers," he explained.

"The Impossible Kick" initiative represents a creative and engaging strategy to tackle these recruitment challenges by directly involving potential recruits and influencers in a memorable experience, showcasing the unique opportunities a career in the Army can offer.



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