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News | March 20, 2024

77th Army Band performs for Enid High School

By Breonna Summers Oklahoma City Recruiting Battalion

Cheers filled the auditorium with joy and amazement as students and faculty at Enid High School were able to enjoy the radiant music from the 77th Army Band, "The Pride of Fort Sill!", on February 28, 2024. This assembly gave the students the opportunity to enjoy live music and take a break from their studies. The band performed popular hits and shared their talents as they presented their “Why We Serve” concert.

“The 77th Army Band out of Fort Sill has been a tremendous recruiting asset. Every time they perform, they bring the house down. From Ice Arenas to Festivals and Fairs to High School Gymnasiums and Auditoriums, they put on an unforgettable show. What is most important to us in the OKC Rough Riders Recruiting Battalion is the unprecedented access they provide to our schools. While we have wrestling and track covered with internal expertise, no one opens up the creative and artistic community in the school better than the 77th Army Band. They have been instrumental in opening doors, building relationships, and getting us High School lists and enhanced access. We truly appreciate their contribution to our efforts. We look forward to the next time we get to see them perform.” - LTC Horvath, Brian 

Ending their set with the military medley which gave students and faculty the chance to stand in honor of their family members who served.

After the performance students had the opportunity to ask the band members and recruiters questions about the opportunities provided by the U.S. Army.

“Having the U.S. Army Band in Enid High School was awesome, not only for the enjoyment of the students and faculty but also for us as recruiters. The performance was full of joy and pride. As always, the U.S. Army was showcased with Honor and Integrity and we were happy to show future generations a different part of the Army and how to serve in different fields.” - SSG Villegas, Alejandra

The band performance showcases the creativity and variety of jobs the U.S. Army has to offer. The performance is an opportunity to inspire and connect the students through music to the Army’s story.

“After watching the Pride of Fort Sill, the 77th Army Band, their professionalism and musical talent demonstrated how Artillery and Air Defense Artillery can let the Skyfall.” - SFC Gipson, Tyler

Enid recruiters also participated in the Enid high school parent-teachers conferences by providing food for the faculty and staff.

“Truly inspired by their performance, I fell in love with the band the moment the first note was played. Having seen the 77th perform now on numerous occasions, I can attest firsthand that their impact to the recruiting efforts has been tremendous. Thousands of High School level students have learned about the opportunities of serving within the US Military through their efforts and we’ve gained 100’s of leads.” - CPT Buckmaster, Jonathan, OKC West Commander

The U.S. Army Oklahoma City Recruiting Battalion welcomes the incorporation of the 77th Army Band into the high schools within our area of operation as these opportunities create a bridge between the U.S. Army and the students. In the 2023-2024 school year, the 77th Army Band has sent representatives to Lawton, Eisenhower, MacArthur, Elgin, Cache, and Altus high schools to work in small groups with their amazing music students along with performances in the Eisenhower, Lawton, MacArthur, Altus, Okmulgee and McAlester high schools. After the Enid high school performance, the 77th Army band performed their “Why We Serve” show at Elgin high school and will be ending the school year at Slaton, Lubbock, and Hirschi high schools in Texas. We thank the 77th Army Band for their support and look forward to a continued relationship.



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