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News | March 7, 2024

The Station Commander Quarterly Lead Development is Back!

By Amber Brooks Minneapolis Recruiting Battalion

The Minneapolis Battalion held its first post-COVID Station Commander Quarterly Lead Development (SCQLD) training Jan. 16-19, 2024 at the Bishop Henry Whipple Federal Building. The training focused on professional growth and provided valuable insights to tackle new challenges in the upcoming quarter.

Master Sgt. Alex Phillips, Capt. Chase Coughlan, Sgt. 1st Class Lucas Jansson, Sgt. 1st Class Michael Davis, 1st Sgt. Kevin Alvarez Abreu, Sgt. Maj. Joseph Frost, and Master Sgt. David Epp, shared with Company and Station Commanders their insight on multiple topics, including Army Reserve programs, proper procedures, and the importance of a strong work ethic.

They received valuable input from Lt. Col. Khrysten Grace, the Battalion Commander, and Command Sgt. Maj. Kevin Johnston. While conducting working groups, Master Sgt. Alex Phillips and Sgt. 1st Class Michael Davis highlighted areas needing improvement for the commanders.

The SCQLD not only refreshed participants minds but also sparked new ideas, boosted confidence levels, and contributed to future mission success by refining recruitment strategies.

Master Sgt. Alex Phillips SAID, “The training went very well, and the material was spot on for what the Station Commanders needed. Overall, the week went smoothly due to the active involvement and openness of the Station Commanders in engaging in challenging conversations and receiving training.”

The SCQLD training was considered a success, receiving positive feedback from all involved.



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