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News | Jan. 9, 2024

From green to gold: Senior NCO earns direct commission as Army Medicine officer

By Hunter West USAREC Public Affairs

Sgt. 1st Class Latavia Wint arrived at work expecting a normal day. When she got to her desk, however, she realized that day would lay the groundwork for one of the biggest changes in her life.

“With all seriousness, Sgt. 1st Class Wint, what is this I am hearing about you?” said Col. Mark Danner, former U.S. Army Recruiting Command chief of staff.

“I remember sitting there quietly because I had no idea what I had done and was worried about being fired,” Wint said.

Rather than being fired or reprimanded, Danner congratulated her on wanting to pursue direct commissioning as an Army Medicine officer. To ensure Wint’s success through the application process, Danner served as both her supervisor and mentor and provided a letter of recommendation on Wint’s behalf in support of her being selected as an Army officer.

“Sgt. 1st Class Wint is exactly the type of officer our Army needs to lead our future Soldiers, officers and civilians. She is a brilliant leader that will enforce standards and accountability,” Danner said. “Over the course of my 27 years as an officer, she is in the top 1% of noncommissioned officers I have observed. She will ensure discipline in our formations and serve as a steward of the profession.”

Wint also relied on the encouragement of her friends, such as Master Sgt. Moya Wilson, who believed that she would become an amazing Army officer. Whenever Wint felt like she was ready to give up, Wilson provided the strength needed to continue through the process because she knew Wint would be successful.

“Sgt. 1st Class Wint has the character traits that the Army needs,” Wilson said. “She is motivated, reliable, loyal, determined, optimistic and empathetic.”

Coming from the Army Guard Reserve to serve as an active-duty Army Medicine officer will be a big transition for Wint. The journey, expectations and experiences between a noncommissioned officer as AGR and a commissioned officer in the active-duty Army vary.

As an AGR Soldier, Wint has shown immense promise as a senior NCO. The Army recently selected Wint for promotion to master sergeant. Her dedication and drive to serve ultimately provided her opportunities many might not receive and allowed her to stand out amongst the crowd.

“Her potential as a noncommissioned officer is boundless; however, she will now have a unique perspective that will continue to positively impact our force and assist in developing future officers and other noncommissioned officers in the Army Medicine Branch,” Danner said.

As Wint closes out her AGR chapter and begins the process of becoming an Army Medicine officer, serving as an Army Health Services administrator, she will continue working to better both herself and those around her.

“I am willing and ready for the opportunity to continue to serve my country in the career field that I have always been passionate about,” Wint said.



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