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News | Aug. 9, 2023

Tandem jumps connect America with America's Army

By Jerry Merideth USAMEB PAO

When the Army wants people’s attention it nudges them out of a plane at 12,000 feet during a tandem jump strapped to a Soldier from the Army Parachute Team (Golden Knights).

Tandem jumps are an effective tool to interact with prominent people – influencers like teachers, recording stars and other celebrities who can share their Army experience with others. That translates to wider awareness by potential Soldiers and their influencers, according to Marketing and Engagement Brigade (USAMEB) Marketing Officer, Maj. Andy Ainslie.

“Tandems are a highly effective way to engage with members of communities across the county to spread the word about Army opportunities,” Ainslie said.

The Golden Knights are part of USAMEB, which also includes the Army Marksmanship Unit at Fort Moore, Ga., and the Mission Support Battalion at Fort Knox. USAMEB is part of U.S. Army Recruiting Command.   

Based at Fort Liberty, North Carolina, the Golden Knights conduct tandem parachute jumps across the United States. As Army ambassadors The Golden Knights engage the public in support of recruiting.  

Today, Abbie and Eddie from the nationally syndicated Bobby Bones Show suit up to make a jump with the Golden Knights.

Eddie said the tandem was on his bucket list, but he was still nervous.  He had never jumped out of a plane.

“This is something I always wanted to do,” Eddie said. “What better way to do it than with the U.S. Army. We want to spread the word about the U.S. Army and how awesome the Golden Knights are.

“Now I’m harnessed up and we’re getting ready to jump,” Eddie said after donning a bright gold and black jumpsuit for a tandem. “But we are getting ready to jump with the nation’s finest, so my stress level comes down because of that.

“I think I’ll probably look at the landscape for a second. Then I’m going to pray that we get down safely.”

Climbing to jump altitude is the longest part of the tandem. At 12,000 feet it’s just another day for Soldiers on the team as they exit the door of the plane.

Abbie and Eddie were all smiles when they landed.

Army Parachute Team does dozens of tandem camps at locations across America. Besides the freefall, the uniqueness of the tandem jump is the personal interaction between Soldiers and Influencers, Connecting America with America’s Army.  Influencers may have little knowledge of Soldiers and the Army.

“The tandem then becomes their first genuine Army experience with Soldiers,” Ainslie said. “The goal is for influencers to go back to their communities and share the experience with others, broadening awareness of the possibilities the Army has to offer.”



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