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News | July 11, 2023

Army Chief of Staff recognizes Top Recruiting Company Command Teams

By Staff Sgt. Eric Johnson USAREC Public Affairs

Thirteen command teams, consisting of company commanders and first sergeants, headed to the Pentagon July 11 for a recognition ceremony hosted by the Army chief of staff in the Hall of Heroes.

Gen. James C. McConville recognized U.S Army Recruiting Command Soldiers for their success during the third quarter of fiscal year 2023. The ceremony honored two companies from each brigade, plus two medical recruiting companies, and one Special Operations recruiting company.

“What you’re doing, I would argue is the most important thing we have going in the Army.  That’s getting young men and women to serve,” McConville said. “You’re out there on the frontlines talking to young men and women helping them find a way to reach their potential in the Army.”

Army senior leaders recognize USAREC personnel each quarter. The first and second quarter ceremonies this year, recognizing recruiting NCOs and station commanders respectively. The third quarter is reserved for the top company command teams.

Maj. Gen. Johnny Davis, USAREC commanding general, opened the ceremony with remarks commending the command teams on their hard work and accomplishments throughout one of the most challenging recruiting environments the command has ever seen.

“These leaders were selected for recognition based on their companies’ recruiting production for the first three quarters of this Fiscal Year – their teams are absolutely crushing it, and everyone here knows the most successful units in the Army are those that have great leadership taking care of the troops and leading from the front,” Davis said.

These 13 companies through the first three quarters of the fiscal year are responsible for producing 3,524 contracts. That is an average of almost 19 Soldiers being put into the Army every day.

 “They expect us to have the best,” McConville said. “There’s no second place or honorable mention in combat, but that’s why we’ve put the entire Army behind this mission. We have the world’s greatest Army because of you, recruiters. That’s what it is all about you people.”

Each Soldier received a Meritorious Service Medal, a commemorative coin, and a USAREC watch that contains the nostalgic photo and slogan of Uncle Sam.

The top recruiting company command teams recognized during the ceremony include the following:

1st Recruiting Brigade

Capt. Christopher Delgardo – Newark Company

1st Sgt. oseph Augustus - Newark Company 

Capt. Robert Black – Landover Company

2nd Recruiting Brigade

Capt. Shani Walsh – San Juan Company

1st. Sgt. LopezHernandez – San Juan Company

Capt. Cory Palumbo – Ft Lauderdale Company

3rd Recruiting Brigade

Capt. Lloyd Nathan – Louisville Company

1st Sgt. Shandell McClain – Louisville Company

Capt. Benford Walkup – Clarksville Company

1st Sgt. Jonathan Geyer – Clarksville Company

5th Recruiting Brigade

Capt. John Monday – Rio Grando Company

1st Sgt. Fredy Cantoran – Rio Grando Company

Capt. Matthew Phan – El Paso Company

1st Sgt. Drew Miller – El Paso Company

6th Recruiting Brigade

Capt. Maria Bais – Guam Company

1st Sgt. Jason Osterson – Guam Company

Capt. Curtis Valencia – San Diego Company

Medical Recruiting Brigade

Capt. Thomas Garcia- Chicago Medical Recruiting Company

1st Sgt. Scott Hollenbeck– Chicago Medical Recruiting Company

Maj. Nicholas Anderson - San Antonio Medical Recruiting Company

1st Sgt. Tahirih Maiava - San Antonio Medical Recruiting Company

Special Operations Recruiting Battalion

Maj. Brian Wright – Special Op

1st Sgt. Maurice Faison – Special



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