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News | March 13, 2023

In with the old, the Army rebrands with a familiar slogan

By Devyn Guillebeaux

The U.S. Army has changed its brand, and it’s bringing back a new take on an old mantra to resonate more with Generation Z and their influencers.  

That’s right, the Army’s 1981 advertising campaign “Be All You Can Be” has resurfaced after a twenty-two-year absence.  Last run, January 2001, it was named the 18th best ad campaign of the 20th century by Advertising Age. 

The revamped tagline along with its catchy jingle is sure to make its way back into the hearts and collective minds of today’s youth.  They’re meant to accurately reflect what today’s Army can offer young men and women. 

The new and improved brand launched was executed March 8th. The theme of “Be All You Can Be” is centered to mirror the Army’s intent to offer unlimited possibilities for the new generation to discover their passions, pursue their purpose, and to become the best versions of themselves.  

Prior to its ad campaign launch, senior leaders and staff from U.S. Army 2nd Recruiting Brigade were briefed on the “Anthem” rollout plan by members of the U.S. Army Enterprise Marketing Organization (AEMO) and the Army’s advertising agency DDB. 
“Anthem” is a strategic marketing plan to launch the not new, but improved brand, nationally. 

The AEMO briefing showed that the Army did not take the change lightly. There was a multiyear brand exploration that consisted of a research-based process designed to explore the needs of today’s youth. The Army tested over 150 taglines and gained responses from over 20,000 people to make sure they were headed in the right direction. Due to the responses received, “Be All You Can Be” was the obvious choice. 

The Anthem launch is not solely a new tagline. It is also accompanied by a refreshed visual identity. The Army has reengineered its current “Army patch” logo to a five—point star logo that blends the Army’s past, present, and future all into one. 
In its new form, the Army star is unboxed, to reflect the limitless possibilities found in the Army. The Army star originated as a symbol of American freedom dating back to World War II when the star could be seen prominently displayed on tanks, trucks, and jeeps of ground units as well as the airplanes of the Army Air Corps. 

The “Be All You Can Be” advertising can now be seen, heard, and examined though various mediums including television, print, and social media platforms. Other assets and digital billboards will also be displayed in highly targeted areas. Content will also be on the GoArmy websites and social media channels.

The call to action of “Be All You Can Be” and the possibilities associated with the Army experience, resulted in a generation of young American men and women serving as Soldiers worldwide. 

The most important question yet to be answered is if the call to action of “Anthem” and “Be All You Can Be,” will generate the interest needed and the current generation follows the example of all those who have come before them and learn just how special their life could be, both during and after serving in one of the Army’s three components. 



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