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News | March 9, 2022

Spouse recognized for supporting USAREC families

By Mikayla Mast USAREC Public Affairs

A U.S. Army Recruiting Command spouse was recognized for her work bringing installation resources to the command’s geographically dispersed families by being named Armed Forces Insurance USAREC Spouse of the Year.

Brandy Pearson, a military wife of 18 years, has been organizing virtual Army Community Service classes for USAREC families and families serving aboard since 2013. She is the wife of Sgt. 1st Class David Pearson, Bloomfield Recruiting Station commander as part of the Mid-Atlantic Recruiting Battalion in New Jersey.

“My favorite and most rewarding role has been that with (Army Family Team Building) and other family programs,” Pearson said. “During COVID, I spearheaded a virtual campaign of AFTB classes for the U.S. Army Recruiting Command families. USAREC families are often located to far from installations where these type of classes are generally held, but could benefit tremendously from family program classes.”

When Pearson’s husband was first assigned to recruiting duty almost nine years ago, she said she quickly realized not all military spouses had a local military community to relate to and lean on.

“Recruiters and their families are often assigned to locations away from an installation, and more often than not, there will only be a couple spouses within the station, leaving them to feel isolated during their recruiting assignment,” Pearson said. “Having just left a very active installation, I wanted to bring as many of our geographically dispersed spouses together on a virtual platform, while still providing the same resources that are accessible on installation.”

Using various digital platforms, Pearson said she was able to reach spouses not only in the U.S., but also spouses who were outside the continental U.S., assisting with virtual instruction until they were able to build their own instructor base.

That was just the beginning for Pearson though. With her group of volunteer Army Community Service instructors and the command’s Soldier and Family Assistance Branch, Pearson has expanded the classes her team offers, including more curriculum and opportunities than many installation ACSs can offer. These include courses like Master Resiliency Training, Command Team Spouse Seminar, and Recruiting Spouse Seminars.

“We also offered AFTB classes to our Future Soldier families as well; the families with Soldiers in basic training and (Advanced Initial Training), to help them get started on this new journey and be prepared when they arrive at their first duty station,” Pearson said.

Pearson said it is important to her that geographically-dispersed families be able to still be a part of the military community and access these types of resources that are available on base.

“I want these families to feel heard and seen,” Pearson said. “I want these families to be given the same opportunities and supports that are offered on installations.”

As the Armed Forces Insurance USAREC Spouse of the Year, Pearson will be in the running to be named Army Spouse of the Year.



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