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News | March 7, 2022

U.S. Army places infantry occupation to the front-lines

By Capt. Mia Figgs USAREC Public Affairs

The U.S. Army is offering up to $39,000 in signing bonuses for individuals who choose infantry as a career path and head to training within 30 days of enlisting.

Those who want to take their training to the next level with the Ranger option can tack on another $10,000.

The infantry plays a crucial role in the U.S. Army's capability to protect the nation and serves as the first line of defense in ground combat against adversaries.

 “Infantry Soldiers understand that their job entails looking into the eyes of our nation’s enemies before taking away their ability to bring harm to the United States,” said Brig. Gen. Larry Burris, commandant of the United States Army Infantry School at Fort Benning, Georgia. “Only a particular person can do this, a person that is confident in themselves, a person with the spirit and drive to win – physically, mentally, and emotionally, yet always willing to learn.”

Once enlisted, step one for Future Soldiers is One Station Unit Training at Fort Benning, Georgia. After 22 weeks of combined basic and advanced training, individuals head to their first duty station as newly minted infantry Soldiers.

“The infantry Soldier is the backbone of our nation’s ground forces,” Burris said. “From day one, we train these dedicated, highly-fit, and competent professionals to move towards danger rather than away from it.”

The infantry is a mentally and physically demanding profession, and Soldiers need to be able to quickly use critical thinking skills under pressure. To qualify for the infantry, an applicant must score at least an 87 on the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery. They must also pass the Occupational Physical Assessment Test at the heavy level.

In addition to initial enlistment incentives, Soldiers are eligible for up to $4,000 per year in tuition assistance to pursue higher education opportunities in the field of their choice along with a competitive benefits package, including healthcare, housing and meal allowances, and a variety of family support programs.

“The Army values and discipline, these are only two out of the hundreds of qualities being an infantrymen has instilled in me,” said Sgt. 1st Class Daniel Roblesrodriguez, an infantryman who is currently serving as an Army recruiter in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico.

A career in the infantry is often the starting point for many well-known advanced schools, including Airborne School, Sniper School, Pathfinder School, and Special Forces.

Individuals can learn more about Army career options and the benefits of the military service at





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