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News | Feb. 8, 2022

Recruiters use Army training to save stab victim’s life

By Mikayla Mast USAREC Public Affairs

Two recruiting noncommissioned officers were awarded the Army Commendation Medal Jan. 31 for providing lifesaving first aid to a stabbing victim at their recruiting station.

Staff Sgts. Justin Faust and Justin LaMar were performing their regular duties at the Bismarck, North Dakota, recruiting station Jan. 20, when a man with multiple stab wounds came to their door.

“Staff Sgt. LaMar and Staff Sgt. Faust lunged into action, providing first responder aid to stop bleeding and maintained care until paramedics arrived on the scene,” Sgt. 1st Class Mikael Hutchings, Bismarck Army Recruiting Station commander. “Their dedication and selfless service saved his life and brought credit upon the Bismarck Army Recruiting Station and the Dakota District Recruiting Company.”

Faust and LaMar used skills they learned in the Combat Life Saver training, a course all Soldiers complete during Basic Combat Training and continuously retrain on throughout their military career. In addition to first aid training, Hutchings said Faust and LaMar used additional skills the Army teaches.

“Using problem-solving skills allowed Staff Sgts. Faust and LaMar to react quickly and effectively maintain communication skills between each other and the medical personnel that arrived on scene, to ensure that everyone fully understood what needed to be done, and what had been accomplished prior to their arrival,” Hutchings said. “Without their effective attention to detail they could have missed wounds or not effectively prevented bleeding, resulting in a loss of life.”

Steve Bakken, Bismarck mayor, presented the Army Commendation Medals to Faust and LeMar, thanking them for their actions.

“It is an incredible honor to be able to recognize Staff Sgts. Justin Faust and Justin Lamar for a very selfless act,” Bakken said. “You used your military training and expertise to help a member of our community… I commend you for your heroic actions and am proud to see you receive this well-deserved honor.”

Hutchings said the Bismarck recruiting NCOs understand how important it is to support their local community, in crisis situations and in daily life.

“These recruiters are significantly involved in the community,” Hutchings said. “They conduct volunteer work with Great Plains Food Bank providing meals to families in need. They gave their time to place flags on fallen veterans’ headstones on Memorial Day. They also conduct Veterans Day presentations to local elementary and high schools to teach students what it means to be a veteran and show pride in service.”

In addition to being a part of the community, Hutchings said that as recruiting NCOs, they also represent something larger than themselves.

“It is extremely important for recruiters to help and support the local people and communities that we serve in,” Hutchings said. “Our job as service members is to serve our country, and as recruiters we are the image of the Army for the local population. Serving in the community allows people to understand the role of the Army and what it means to serve.”

Hutchings said his team also hopes they serve as role models for the young people in Bismarck.

“Our role in the community helps raise awareness of the great men and women that serve in this great organization, as well as inspires the future generations to stand up and chose to join something larger than themselves and join the greatest team on earth: the United States Army,” Hutchings said.



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