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News | Feb. 2, 2022

USAREC announces 4th Quarter Knockout Artists Awards

By Lara Poirrier

Congratulations to all of the U.S. Army Recruiting Command “Knockout Artists” for fourth quarter fiscal 2021.

This quarter’s heavy hitters will each receive a boxing glove signed by the USAREC command team, Maj. Gen Kevin Vereen and Command Sgt. Maj. John Foley.

“Command Sgt. Maj. Foley and I are absolutely excited about the great success of these noncommissioned officers -- truly exemplifying excellence, not only for USAREC but for our Army,” Vereen said.

The following recruiting earned the USAREC “Knockout Artist” award:

1st Recruiting Brigade
Staff Sgt. Lennox Boateng
Sgt. 1st Class Mohamed Kaba
Staff Sgt. William Morgan
Sgt. 1st Class Joshua Silliman
Staff Sgt. Elhadji Beye
Staff Sgt. Deaaron Green
Staff Sgt. Aaron Holmes
Staff Sgt. Wilfredo Mulero
Staff Sgt. Joseph Craft
Sgt. 1st Class Steven Fadugba

2nd Recruiting Brigade
Sgt. 1st Class Michael Ortiz
Staff Sgt. Kirkland Singleton
Staff Sgt. Yamile Days
Staff Sgt. Roberto Latorre
Staff Sgt. Austin Doneranthony
Sgt. Ferdinand Zayasfernandez
Sgt. 1st Class James Dayie
Staff Sgt. Osei Owusu
Sgt. 1st Class Dennis Boyd
Sgt. 1st Class Christopher Valencia

3rd Recruiting Brigade
Staff Sgt. Braxton Gordon
Staff Sgt. Benjamin Georgia
Sgt. Brian Peters
Staff Sgt. Kevin  Pate
Sgt. Quadar Goldsmith
Sgt. 1st Class Hank Hurt
Sgt. 1st Class Kelly Brooks
Staff Sgt. Franklin Moore
Staff Sgt. Preston Campbell
Staff Sgt. Seth Rachuy

5th Recruiting Brigade
Staff Sgt. Rafael Rivero
Staff Sgt. Collin  Binford
Staff Sgt. Quanesha Barnett
Sgt. 1st Class Robert Rayford
Staff Sgt. Joshua Infante
Sgt. 1st Class Fernando Terrazas
Sgt. 1st Class Daayna Castillocastro
Staff Sgt. Nancy Hunter
Sgt. 1st Class Otto Celis
Staff Sgt. Marquez Meeks

6th Recruiting Brigade
Sgt. 1st Class Xody Yano
Sgt. 1st Class Mariaelaine Tainatongo
Staff Sgt. Eric Gianan
Sgt. 1st Class Romeojay Igisomar
Staff Sgt. Nattapol Chaloyphian
Sgt. 1st Class Jerry Strickland
Sgt. 1st Class Eddie Haddle
Staff Sgt. Jayson Reimers
Sgt. 1st Class Karen Fallejo
Staff Sgt. Jordan Bell

Medical Recruiting Brigade
Staff Sgt. Eric Estrada
Sgt. 1st Class Frank Babb
Sgt. 1st Class Nilson Garcia
Staff Sgt. Oscar Gamboa
Capt. Timothy Kim

Special Operations Recruiting Battalion
Chief Warrant Officer 3 Shimeara Perkins
Staff Sgt. James Duke



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