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News | Oct. 13, 2021

USAREC seeks commanders, staff officers in AIM 2.0 marketplace

USAREC Public Affairs

The Army’s marketplace is now open through the Assignment Interactive Module 2.0 system, allowing officers and units an opportunity to make selections for the next move cycle.

AIM 2.0 is a talent management system designed to help the Army place the right people in the right positions.

U.S. Army Recruiting Command has a wide variety of open positions, particularly for those needing command experience.

Being a commander in USAREC has a variety of benefits for officers. For company commanders, it increases officers’ ability to compete for battalion command in their assigned career field and within USAREC. It also makes officers more competitive for functional area opportunities, particularly strategic intelligence (FA34), public affairs (FA46), foreign affairs (FA48), ORSA (FA49), and acquisitions (FA51).

An assignment with USAREC also offers the following benefits:

  • Experience in community relations, data analytics, market share and segmentation, market targeting and funds, analysis and demographics, and data mining.
  • Travel opportunities to visit recruiting stations, battalion and brigade training events, and to support efforts in expanding civilian contact networks.
  • Leadership experience in a geo-dispersed environment, mixed MOS talent pool, and operational fluctuation, which builds a level of flexibility, problem solving and critical thinking that is unlikely in any other captain position.
  • Future opportunities to compete for assignment at the Recruiting and Retention College, which offers a 5K ASI and Basic and Senior Instructor Badges.
  • Improves public speaking skills and offers opportunities to interact with high-profile leaders in the community, like mayors, school superintendents and business leaders.
  • Many location options, to include overseas.



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