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News | May 5, 2021

Army makes waves in high school fishing circuit

By By Jerry Merideth U.S. Army Marketing and Engagement Brigade

When the nation’s top high school anglers cast their lines into the water for the Georgia GHS Championship on May 8, they will be joined by Soldiers from the Army Outdoor Team aboard a high speed bass boat emblazoned with the Army Star.

The Army is the title sponsor for the 2021 season of MLF High School Fishing and Army Outdoor Team Soldiers are on the road, attending MLF High School competitions across America.

Gainesville is the Army Outdoor Team’s sixth stop this year. The team has planned appearances across the U.S. through October.

“This partnership allows the U.S. Army to connect with today’s outdoor enthusiasts across the United States,” said Sgt. 1st Class Andrew M. Benedict, Army Outdoor Team Leader. “We will share our experiences in the Army and demonstrate that you can serve your country while still pursuing your passions in the woods or on the water.”

The Outdoor Team is the Army’s latest effort to Connect America with America’s Army.  Consisting of Soldiers from the U.S. Army Mission Support Battalion at Fort Knox, Kentucky, the group was formed to reach the public through the shared passion of outdoor sports and also includes members who participate in hunting and skeet shooting.

The Army’s foray into MLF fishing builds on earlier success in eSports and Fitness, continuing to dispel  the notion that Soldiers have no hobbies or interests, or time for them, outside of wearing the uniform.

Benedict and team have been preparing for the fishing season for months. They’re now ready to hit the water, catch some fish, and talk to the public about the opportunities open to today’s Soldier. The Army has outfitted the Outdoor Team with a boat and the gear they need to make a splash on the fishing circuit, generating interest in Army opportunities for training, education and recreation.

The Army sponsors outdoor recreation centers at posts across America, where Soldiers, veterans and families can rent camping equipment, boats and even campers. Added to gyms and recreation centers, theaters and youth centers, Army posts provide residents with a bevy of off duty entertainment options. 

“We will also highlight how the U.S. Army assists soldiers in continuing the pursuit of their passions through programs such as Morale Welfare and Recreation (MWR) and others, where soldiers can rent equipment or book hunting expeditions around the world.”

Check out the Army Outdoor Team on Facebook and Instagram. For more information about joining the Army, including recreation, education and job training opportunities visit



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