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News | April 27, 2021

USAREC Soldiers clean up Fort Knox outdoor areas for Earth ‘Day of action’

By Jenn DeHaan Fort Knox News

Fort Knox lakes and recreational areas are more picturesque thanks to the efforts of a committed group Soldiers and volunteers from U.S. Army Recruiting Command.

The individuals gathered Friday morning in preparation for the 2021 Earth “Day of action”. Following remarks from Brig. Gen. Patrick Michaelis, teams dispersed to four areas in the surrounding Fort Knox community to conduct beautification efforts and trash removal.

“We as humans have a pretty significant impact on our third planet from the sun,” said Michaelis, “Any little bit helps.”

Armed with gloves and trash bags, the teams canvased Otter Creek/Camp Carlson, Tioga Falls/Bridges to the Past, Sanders Spring Lake and Lower Douglas Lake for any garbage in need of removal.

“At Fort Knox, we are so fortunate to have such beautiful outdoor areas,” said USAREC Headquarters Company Commander Capt. Jewel Burgherr. “It is such a shame how some people destroy these areas when they leave their trash behind, ruining the environment for future generations.”

Earth Day was founded in 1970 and for the past more than 50 years, Burgherr said these events have been carried out as a reminder that we need to work to preserve our Earth.

“Imagine the impact we can make for our Earth and future generations,” said Burgherr, “If we all just took a few minutes to give back.”



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