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News | Nov. 20, 2020

USAREC seeking Soldiers for new ‘Talent,’ eSports, Warrior Fitness, teams

USAREC Public Affairs

Calling all ninjas, gamers, fitness fanatics, crooners, and other Soldiers with exceptional talents. U.S. Army Recruiting Command wants you.

A search is underway to form The U.S. Army’s Got Talent Team, a new recruiting outreach program, as well as new members to join two other USAREC marquee programs, The U.S. Army eSports Team and the U.S. Army Warrior Fitness Team.

The U.S. Army’s Got Talent Team is open to a number of genres and talents. Examples include (but are not limited to) singers, musicians, obstacle course racers, “American Ninja Warrior” athletes, and other outdoor or fitness-based activities. Like the team’s TV-show namesake, the talent search to fill it is broad and USAREC is seeking a variety of talented active-duty, Reserve and National Guard Soldiers.

The Warrior Fitness and eSports Teams are looking to expand what have already become highly successful programs. Warrior Fitness members compete at the highest level in CrossFit, Strongman/women, and power/Olympic lifting competitions. Members of eSports represent the U.S. Army both online and at events across the country.

Current eSports titles include Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, League of Legends, Apex Legends, and Rocket League, but the team is looking for Soldiers with exceptional abilities in other titles too. Likewise, Soldier gamers with significant social media followings and Soldiers who have very strong streaming/commentator abilities are encouraged to apply.

Soldiers interested in joining any of three teams must be prepared for and understand that the programs involve public outreach, recruiting engagements, and interaction with the public on a regular, even daily, basis. The most-competitive candidates for Warrior Fitness and the new Talent Team will be asked to visit Fort Knox for further evaluation and interviews.

All three teams will be based here and a permanent change of duty station will be considered for most selected individuals; however, multiple opportunities to represent the Army “at large” from other duty stations exist for each team as well. Soldiers seeking more information about joining the Talent Team can email and can Warrior Fitness inquires can go to

All Soldiers interested in joining the eSports Team should join the Team’s Discord server at no later than Dec. 1 to be considered.


Outreach Team Eligibility Requirements

  • Active duty, Army Reserve, or National Guard
  • E-1 to E-8, O-1 to O-3, and WO1 to CW3
  • Must be in good standings (no flags/pending actions)
  • eSports candidates must be able to compete at the highest level of eSports competition in their perspective title and/or be talented as a streaming talent
  • Warrior Fitness candidates must be able to compete at the highest level of fitness competitions in your respective sport



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