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News | Oct. 30, 2020

1st Brigade builds teamwork through awards competition

By Chris Camacho 1st Recruiting Brigade

Non-commissioned officers from 1st Recruiting Brigade gathered here Oct. 19 to compete in the 1st Quarter Awards Board.

Though they came to emerge as victors from fierce competition with their peers, the NCOs pulled together in 1st Brigade fashion to prove teamwork ensures victory.

"Yes, we're competing against each other," said Sgt. 1st Class Tanya Almodovar, who competed for Station Commander of the Quarter.  "But ultimately, we want to share knowledge, experiences and take from each other our very best to bring back to our recruiting stations."

NCOs competed for 1st Sgt. of the Quarter, Station Commander of the Quarter, Regular Army NCO of the Quarter, and Army Reserve NCO of the Quarter. Seven of them also attended the Sgt. Audie Murphy Club Audition Board.

The 25 NCOs competing were split into groups for a two-part mystery event on the first day. The first half involved recalling Army regulations.  The second half required solving riddles for a small-scale scavenger hunt around Portsmouth.

"Having two different events, a mental piece and an 'Amazing Race' style piece was interesting," said Staff Sgt. Caleb Natali, who competed for Army Reserve NCO of the Quarter.  "It was a lot of fun."

One day of the week-long event was set aside for professional development, which included training on recruiting functions and a staff ride to a local museum.

"These boards are more than just a competition," said Brigade Command Sgt. Maj., David Lance Porter.  "It's where we identify, reward and continue to develop our strongest NCOs within the brigade, so they can return back to their recruiting stations motivated and better prepared to recruit quality young men and women for our Army."

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