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News | Aug. 14, 2020

Army eSports Team resumes live streaming

USAREC Public Affairs

The U.S. Army eSports Team resumes live streaming on its Twitch channel today after a five-week pause to review and update internal policies and procedures.

The team has clarified its guidelines regarding public discussions on the channel and the regulation of inappropriate behavior by participants. It also has reinstated access for accounts previously banned for harassing and degrading behavior to give the players an opportunity to participate in the space again as long as they follow the channel’s guidelines.

“I am confident our procedures will ensure all participants have a voice and opportunity to ask questions and engage with the team,” said Lt. Col. Kirk Duncan, commander of U.S. Army Recruiting Command’s Mission Support Battalion, which oversees the Army eSports Team.

Duncan emphasized that all viewpoints are welcome, but personal attacks, crude language, pornographic material, harassment and bullying will not be tolerated on the stream, and action will be taken if individuals choose to engage in this behavior.

The clarified procedures allow the team members the ability to give “timeouts” ranging from one to 96 hours for inappropriate behavior. Duncan is the approving authority when it comes to evaluating repeat offenders and banning them from the channel for their actions, if necessary. Users who are permanently banned from the channel will have the ability to appeal the ban through the brigade commander.

The Army eSports Team is an outreach tool designed to connect America to its Army through the passion of gaming. With 50 percent of young Americans having little to no knowledge about Army life, open discussions during streaming activities can play a significant role in creating awareness and understanding.

The team’s Twitch channel, filtered for users aged 18+ only, gives Soldiers the opportunity to talk about their own personal stories and experiences in the Army to offer perspective and address misperceptions. Since Soldiers are not on recruiting duty while on the esports team, they connect individuals who express interest in serving with recruiters in their local area for further discussions about Army career opportunities and benefits.

“We’re working hard to bring a diverse group of Soldiers into the Army, and that includes a diversity of races, backgrounds and hobbies,” said Maj. Gen. Kevin Vereen, commanding general for U.S. Army Recruiting Command. “The Army eSports Team connects with a broad group of young Americans and shows the diversity of Soldiers and their personal interests.”

The Army eSports Twitch channel can be viewed at

The team’s guidelines for participation can be viewed HERE.



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