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News | July 8, 2020

USAREC Best Warrior named after first-ever virtual competition

By Amanda Surmeier USAREC Public Affairs

A 2nd Recruiting Brigade Soldier was named the U.S. Army Recruiting Command Best Warrior after the command’s first virtual competition held June 22-25.

Staff Sgt. Channing Hosey, who is a recruiter in the Raleigh Battalion, won the weeklong competition, which included a combination of physical challenges at the home station and a virtual board to test their knowledge.

Hosey and the other eight competitors across the country were scored based on a 12-mile foot march, the Army Combat Fitness Test, Basic Marksmanship Qualification, a written test, and the virtual board.

The Kansas native enlisted in September 2012 as a horizontal construction engineer and came to USAREC in 2018 after serving at Fort Drum and Fort Hood. Hosey hopes to attend Sapper School in the future and currently is working toward a bachelor’s degree in business management from Post University.

Hosey will represent USAREC in the Training and Doctrine Command competition on Aug. 25.

Sgt. 1st Class William Booth, Medical Recruiting Brigade, is the USAREC Best Warrior runner-up and will compete at the TRADOC level if Hosey is unable to participate.

All Soldiers who competed had to win at the brigade level in order to compete at the USAREC headquarters level.  Brigade-level winners selected to compete included:

  • Sgt. 1st Class Perlaza, Recruiting and Retention College
  • Staff Sgt. Olszewski, 1st Recruiting Brigade
  • Staff Sgt. Channing Hosey, 2nd Recruiting Brigade (USAREC winner)
  • Staff Sgt. Pietrzak, 3rd Recruiting Brigade
  • Sgt. Badillo, 5th Recruiting Brigade
  • Staff Sgt. Keum, 6th Recruiting Brigade
  • Sgt. 1st Class William Booth, Medical Recruiting Brigade (USAREC runner-up)
  • Sgt. Hetherington, Marketing and Engagement Brigade
  • Sgt. Staskiewicz, Marketing and Engagement Brigade

“I am proud of how our team has adapted to every challenge that has come our way while facing a global pandemic," said Maj. Gen. Frank Muth, USAREC commanding general. "These recruiters demonstrated their skills as top-notch Soldiers and their ability to face any situation head on. I am so honored to serve beside each and every one of them."



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