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News | April 10, 2020

U.S. Army Esports Team expands virtual outreach

By Amanda Surmeier USAREC Public Affairs

While the U.S. Army Esports Team already spends much of its time in the digital space it has increased its online presence in support of current operations.

As people work through this period of social distancing, the team is stepping up their game to provide more content and engagement on its digital platforms.

The team, consisting of 16 professional Soldier-gamers, in addition to spending the majority of its time online, normally travels the country competing and raising awareness about Army life, benefits and career options. Daily operations include competitive training, creating content for social media, online gameplay streaming and educating the public about Army opportunities, while maintaining the duties expected of a Soldier.

In the coming weeks, the team will continue to showcase their talents to audiences within the community to inspire its followers to start the call to service conversation. Additional content will include register to wins, expanded live streaming, Twitch front page time, online gaming tournaments, and question and answer sessions.

Engaging in the gaming community allows Soldiers to be more relatable and educate young people about who they are and what they do in an authentic way. With 50 percent of youth admitting to knowing little to nothing about military service, the Army’s Esports Team aims to bridge the gap with the public and engage eligible Americans about the benefits of service.

People can follow the team as its members stream on Mixer, Discord, Twitch, Rivals, and Facebook Gaming and share additional content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube at @usarmyesports.   




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