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News | March 30, 2020

USAREC helps students March 2 Success

By USAREC Public Affairs

Schools across the country have gone to nontraditional learning to deal with the COVID-19 outbreak, and the U.S. Army offers a program aimed at helping students maintain academic achievements during this unprecedented time.

March2Success is an online test preparation program geared toward helping students improve their capabilities on standardized tests, like the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, used by the U.S. military to assess a potential applicant’s capabilities. It’s also shown to help improve scores on state academic tests, as well as on college admission tests, like the SAT and ACT.

“As students begin the recommended non-traditional education due to COVID-19, they may need refreshers, especially in math and English,” said Dr. Larane Guthrie-Clarkson, Education Division chief at U.S. Army Recruiting Command. “Since their teachers will not be readily available in a classroom setting, (March2Success) can provide immediate tutorial options that students can use to augment the face-to-face teacher/student learning environment. (March2Success) is available 24/7 for students, so they can utilize the study time that best suits their needs.”

The content is designed to speed up the student’s learning curve, and includes programs to enhance English, science, technology, engineering and math skills. March2Success includes pre-test diagnostics, custom lesson plans and practice tests.

“March2Success allows students to pretest and follow the recommended learning pathway designed to enhance their knowledge in areas that may be difficult for them to understand,” Guthrie-Clarkson said. “Whether the student uses (March2Success) in the classroom or at home, the results can be the same...a better understanding of the subject area, which can enhance scores of standardized tests.”

Teachers, parents, recruiters and education service specialists can register as mentors to monitor the students’ journey.

“This program works,” said Staff Sgt. Melissa Torres, an Army recruiter in Mt. Clemens, Michigan. “Our station had a future Soldier who improved his ASVAB score 25 points in one week by using March2Success. Students have to put the time in, but a week’s worth of work is nothing compared to the benefits they will see for a lifetime.”

March2Success is free and available to everyone, regardless of an intent to join the Army. Visit for more information.




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