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News | Aug. 5, 2019

August is Antiterrorism Awareness Month

By USAREC Public Affairs U.S. Army Recruiting Command

August is Antiterrorism Awareness Month in the Army. This is the Army's tenth annual observance of this call to action for Soldiers, Army civilians, family members and retirees to be aware of the dangers posed by terrorism and to be prepared to help combat terrorism.Terrorist attacks have continued at an alarming pace this year. Vigilance and awareness remain critical to countering threats as the online radicalization and mobilization to violence continues to rise.

Throughout the past year, USAREC antiterrorism initiatives addressed the increase in and advancement of terrorist tactics and the need to create awareness of threats. USAREC also continues to expand our collaboration and information sharing through partnerships with local, State, and Federal law enforcement and security agencies. Prevention is a cornerstone of our antiterrorism strategy.

During Antiterrorism Awareness Month, leaders at all levels are encouraged to increase their emphasis on reporting suspicious activity and to promote the understanding of how to identify efforts aimed at radicalization. Although the Army chose August to highlight awareness and prevention efforts, antiterrorism is a year-round personal and organizational security effort.

An active defense against terrorist attacks is the responsibility of individuals as well as communities. Individuals armed with both awareness and a knowledge of protective measures are the first line of defense for our communities.

Leaders must continuously assess the local security posture, implement an active defense against terrorism through emphasizing antiterrorism awareness, and promote an understanding of antiterrorism preventive and protective measures. Working together, we present a unified defense for the strength of our Nation.



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