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News | June 3, 2019

Modernizing recruiting: New technology to streamline lead collection

By Amanda Surmeier USAREC Public Affairs

The U.S. Army is modernizing its approach to recruiting and its tools of the trade – recruiters need devices and programs that keep pace with the ever-advancing technology America’s youth know and expect.

Technicians have been working hard to develop a new app – Event Marketing Management Connect – to simplify lead collection at recruiting events. The app syncs lead generation to online servers to collect and store data in the blink of an eye, according to Mark Edwards, the integration program manager with Army Marketing and Research Group.

EMM Connect is replacing the current leads connection tool, because vulnerabilities were found in the interactive Electronic Leads Management Options. The new app requires no connectivity to the network and when service is weak or unavailable, it stores the data and transmits it once connectivity returns.

“EMM Connect offers simple and intuitive features that are easy to learn and easy to use,” Edwards said. “A driver’s license scanning option ensures the absence of error in identification information and an option to tag “hot leads,” or those expected to end in enlistment with a “follow-up” button.

Although specific to each device, the app will show:

  • Total number of events the device was used
  • Total amount of leads collected
  • Number of leads uploaded (those in the system but not yet sent to EMM due to connectivity issues)
  • Recent events

Even though each device only shows information collected specific to it, once leads are transmitted to EMM, it compiles all data and sorts it by Marketing Activity Code.

“The app is expected to make the lead generation process more efficient, accurate and user-friendly for recruiters and potential recruits,” Edwards said.

As of now, the app is only compatible with Apple devices (iPads, cell phones, etc.), but an Android option is in the works. EMM Connect is in its final stages of development and will be available to all recruiters in early summer.




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