News | May 14, 2019

U.S. Army partners with The Boston Beer Company to create employment opportunities

By Alyssa Salmon New England Recruiting Battalion

The rich history of the city of Boston dates back to the birthplace of the U.S. Army. Colonial Soldiers were first referred to as “Patriots,” all-American and emboldened with the very essence of patriotism.
Today, the U.S. Army New England Recruiting Battalion is known as the Patriot Battalion. It was Sam Adams, the American statesman and one of the Founding Fathers of the Declaration of Independence, who was a leader of the movement that became the American Revolution.  He epitomizes the essence of Boston.
And nothing is more “Boston” than Sam Adams beer. 
The values that The Boston Beer Company, parent company of Sam Adams, upholds are parallel to those within the U.S. Army. They have a strong commitment to hiring veterans as they recognize the values held by those who serve.
The Army and The Boston Beer Company recently entered into a partnership during a signing ceremony held during Army Week Boston. Thru the Partnership for Youth Success (PaYS) program, the ceremony recognized the intent of the company to strengthen its commitment to both veterans and its community.
“You give us access to an amazing talent pool,” said founder Jim Koch. “So for us, we’re very excited about this partnership because you will help us hire better people than we can get on our own. I’ve had the direct experience with the kind of talent that comes out of the military… (with) the skills that come from being in the service - leading a team, accomplishing a mission, doing whatever it took to succeed.”

The Boston Beer Company has several brewery locations; however, as the Army won its first campaign in Boston, it was fitting that this partnership was formalized at its brewery located in the heart of Boston.  
The PaYs program, thru partners such as The Boston Beer Company, fosters relationships in Boston and provides increased opportunities in the community to spread awareness about the benefits available to those who serve their country. With more than 150 career possibilities available, the Army provides young men and women the opportunity to receive the training and experience they’re looking for while also offering money for college.  College right after high school, is not the only pathway to success.
The PaYS program is an enlistment option and recruiting initiative for Future Soldiers and ROTC cadets that prepares them for possible employment after completion of their military service. The Army partners with corporations and state agencies to guarantee those enrolled in the program a job interview as they transition into the civilian workforce. 
A database that matches the needs of employers with the job skills offered by the Army allows a qualified individual to select a particular job skill with a specific partner. 
By becoming a PayS partner, and offering veterans a guaranteed interview after their service, The Boston Beer Company is showing that it recognizes the qualities a soldier has that make for good employees.
“It is truly an honor for all of us at Boston Beer Company,” Koch said. “It is also for us a great benefit to initiate a partnership with PaYS because what you do is very similar to what we do. When we hire people, we really don’t hire resumes, experience, degrees. We’ve found that those don’t matter that much. What we believe we’re hiring is values and behaviors, and those matter a lot. If people don’t have experience or skills, we can train them. We can give them that experience.” 
Boston is an extremely patriotic city whose citizens are very proud of the military. Those of qualified military age from New England are often some of the most educated applicants received into Army ranks due to the outstanding schools in the greater Boston area.
While the Greater Boston area is an extremely competitive market, the Army provides the knowledge, skills and abilities to Soldiers which they can bring back to the private sector making them more marketable. Those with Army service are more competitive against their peers when applying for jobs and are often sought after by leading industry and businesses.
“I stand before you as a veteran and as a businessman,” said keynote speaker Brian Concannon, civilian aide to the secretary of the Army for Massachusetts. “Someone who understands the value of a veteran and the contributions veterans can make in corporate America.”
“Every year, tens of thousands of young men and women raise their right hand and say send me,” he continued. “Some choose combat roles … all choose career paths not unlike their civilian counterparts … truck drivers, supply chain technicians, chemists, doctors, nurses, police officers, and so many others. They receive extensive training and perform and refine these skills in some of the harshest environments. They honorably complete their commitments, and then they come home.”
Having the ability to talk with those interested in the benefits the Army has to offer, not only about the jobs available but also about the companies that have become partners which they can interview with at the end of their military service, is one of the benefits of the PaYS program to the Army. 
“I will tell you what it does for our Soldiers that come out as veterans, not just in the hard skills, whether its science, technology, engineering and math or anything else that we train in the United States Army,” said Maj. Gen. Frank Muth, commanding general of the U.S. Army Recruiting Command. “It’s the soft skills. It’s the fact that they are respectful, that they are on time, that they are diligent in their duties. They are laser focused on mission-oriented task and success.”
“And we know that this is what businesses are looking for,” Muth continued.  “… and to guarantee those interview is huge and it means a great deal.”
In the New England Recruiting Battalion, Soldiers say “Patriots Pride!” as a rally cry of comradery and dedication. Nothing says pride more than a partnership between the U.S. Army, the original Patriots, and the Boston company that celebrates its deep roots in the community.



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