News | March 17, 2019

3rd Medical Recruiting Battalion: Meet Your Recruiter

By Lori Kullberg 3rd Medical Recruiting Battalion

Sergeant First Class Spenser Toth’s Army story is full of hard work, high ethical standards and pride in the veterans of our Nation. As a medical recruiter at the U.S. Army Cleveland Medical Recruiting Station, blue collar work and music have been the mainstays of his life.

Hailing from Uniontown, Pennsylvania, a small coal town on the outskirts of Pittsburgh, Toth grew up playing sports and playing music. He was in a band for about eight years that toured in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.

Toth was drawn to an Army career because of the comradery of the veterans he witnessed back home and the idea of a group of people that would go places others dare not go. Toth added, “I liked the idea of doing something for other people, not just myself, and seeing my hard work pay off. So I did it.” Toth’s original job as an Army Medic gave him that opportunity as well as allowed him to practice real medicine.

The ultimate goal for Toth is to become a Command Sergeant Major, but he would also like to work with a musical outreach program. “I have a lot of insight from years of playing and feel I can do things to benefit the Army. I’ve made a record, finished my Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, and plan to complete my Masters in Public Administration. The Army always supports me if I’m willing to do my best.” 

To young people considering a career in Army medicine, Toth advises, “You have to want it. If you want it, the Army will help you get there. You don’t get to really stretch your legs in the civilian market and test how good you really are. In the Army, we practice real pure medicine. In Army medicine you practice to the point of your competence.”

“’We Save Lives’ is not just a tag line here.”



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