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News | Feb. 1, 2019

Newly married Arizona couple enlist for OCS together

By Alun Thomas U.S. Army Recruitng Battalion - Phoenix

Critical decision making skills are essential for any prospective Army officer, a trait they will take with them through their military entire career and beyond.

Both Aram and Auri Molina, from San Luis, Ariz., recently made the biggest decision of their lives to date, when after only two months of marriage, they decided to apply for Officer Candidate School together.

Aram, 27, a physical education teacher at San Luis High School, said he started thinking about OCS after a family member in the Army talked about it, with himself and Auri.

“Auri’s sister is already in the Army and has told us what a great experience and career choice it’s been,” Aram said. “I want to take my teaching and leadership skills to the next level and keep learning. Auri and I decided becoming an officer would help with that.”

Auri, 24, and also a teacher at San Luis High School, said her and Aram’s marriage was somewhat of a whirlwind, having known each other for a year after meeting at the high school.

“It was during the engagement process we decided we want to join the Army as officers,” Auri said. “We both have our bachelor’s degrees and we agreed this would help us with our leadership skills, while also helping us physically and mentally.”

Auri said both herself and Aram competed in college athletics, with Auri playing volleyball for Central Methodist University, while Aram played soccer for Pima Community College, before graduating from Northern Arizona University.

Auri said she had wanted to join the Army sooner, but was urged by her sister to complete her education first.

“She told me the Army would always be there – get your degree first. Playing volleyball at the collegiate level is not a chance everyone gets,” she said. “Then I met Aram and that’s when the Army became an option again.”

After contacting the Tempe Recruiting Company in Oct. 2018, the couple began the steps to their Army future, which will see them depart for Basic Combat Training in July 2019.

Aram said both he and Auri are looking forward to the experience and using their time to prepare.

“We are nervous, because we’re a new couple, but we feel confident in our relationship and abilities,” he said. “I think it will just make us stronger.”

Auri said she feels the same way and hopes to achieve a sense of fulfillment as an officer.

“We both complement each other and have a solid foundation in God,” she said. “We have the same goals and are focused on them.”

Auri said she and Aram are aware of the challenges of being a dual Army couple and hope to learn new communication skills to assist them with the transition.

“We’re both hoping to be accepted into the Logistics branch, so we would be able to go to school together,’ she continued. “We understand it will be tough not being able to be together for long periods, but that’s the sacrifice you make as part of the Army.”

Long-term the couple hasn’t decided whether or not the Army will turn out to be a lifelong career, but Aram said he’s considered it.

“I’m leaning towards making the Army a career, but it’s too early to tell right now,” Aram said. “We just want to get our training underway, do the best we can and become the best officers possible.”



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