News | Jan. 25, 2019

Columbus Medical Recruiting Company welcomes new Commander

By Lori Kullberg 3rd Medical Recruiting Battalion

Capt. Ashley Delos Reyes, the new Company Commander for Columbus Medical Recruiting Company, comes to 3rd Medical Recruiting Battalion with a career steeped in service and diversity. Her strategic and purposeful steps up the leadership ladder have been marked by her deep desire to make a difference in the lives of those she encounters.

Delos Reyes, a 1st generation Filipino-American, credits the U.S. military with the success of her and her family. “The military is what brought my family here and has provided so much opportunity,” Delos Reyes says in telling how her father and step-father served in the U.S. Navy, being recruited from the Philippines before she was born.

Hailing from Virginia Beach, Virginia, Delos Reyes joined ROTC in high school and received scholarship offers from multiple branches of the military. She chose the U.S. Army because it allowed her to do what she wanted to do; study in the medical service officer field.

Delos Reyes received her Bachelors of Arts in Psychology from George Mason University and was commissioned in 2013.  She also has a Masters of Business Administration from Strayer University, received in 2018. Delos Reyes’ assignments have included Treatment Platoon Leader and Company Executive Officer (Fort Bragg, NC), Brigade Medical Operations Officer (Camp Humphreys, Korea), Chief of Human Resources (USMA), Keller Army Community Hospital, and a deployment with a Forward Resuscitative Surgical Team in Sinai, Egypt.

Working in the hospital in Egypt was a hard transition, states Delos Reyes, but is grateful for the experience because she got to know herself and the direction she wanted to take in the Army.

When the opportunity for healthcare recruiting came, Delos Reyes jumped at the chance because she knew the great people she worked with at the hospital were recruited by soldiers like 3rd Medical Recruiting Battalion. She wants to contribute to that pool of talent and opportunity by recruiting more healthcare professionals for the Army.

One of Delos Reyes’ goals while with 3rd Medical Recruiting Battalion is to give autonomy to recruiters to be creative and come up with their own ideas and be excited about their job. Furthermore, Delos Reyes is dedicated to providing a good example of genuine words backed by impactful actions.

“I care, this is my ‘why’ and the core of my Command Philosophy,” Delos Reyes says, “If you care, everything else will fall into place. Care about your family, your job, your mission. You can’t teach people that. If we all care, then this will work.”



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