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News | Jan. 8, 2019

Army offers flexible extensions, AIP for recruiters


The Army has opened extensions for Department of the Army selected recruiters who are currently scheduled to complete their tour of duty with U.S. Army Recruiting Command now through December 2019.

Eligible recruiters can choose to extend for a flexible period of time based on their needs and desires. They can choose to extend for a minimum of 90 days up to 12 months and will receive $1,500 in assignment incentive pay for each month they serve in USAREC beyond the initial 36-month assignment. This will be a lump sum payment.

"We asked to have flexible extensions because we understand that a full year is a significant commitment," said Maj. Gen. Frank Muth, USAREC commanding general. "Three months or six months might make more sense for some Soldiers and their families, so we wanted to ensure they have that option."

The flexible extension options went into effect on Jan. 4 when Marshall Williams, acting assistance secretary of the Army for Manpower and Reserve Affairs, signed an official memo outlining the Enhanced Tour Extension Program and eligibility requirements.

Recruiters interested in extending should complete an E-AIP 4187 and work through their chain of command.

“The flexible E-AIP is a great opportunity for recruiters to continue to support our accessions mission and earn a little extra money,” said Col. Angela Jenkins, USAREC Director of G-1 personnel.


Q1. Who can apply for E-AIP?
A1: DASR’s in a Recruiting Center who are scheduled and fully eligible to PCS from Dec 1, 2018 to Dec 31, 2019, and agree to extend their current tour no less than 90 days and not more than 12 months.

Q2. When can a DASR who extends on E-AIP expect payment? 
A2: For those Soldiers that have not met their 36 month requirement yet, it will begin on their 37th month. For those that have surpassed 37 months in USAREC, it will begin the next month following the date the 4187 was approved. Unit S1s will receive a copy of the approved 4187 via SharePoint. USAREC G1 is responsible for ensuring all lump sum payments are submitted to DFAS.

Q3. Can a DASR receive back-to-back AIPs?
A3. Yes, if the first extension expires, a DASR can request another AIP extension. You must submit a 4187 through your chain of command to the USAREC G-1.

Q4. If a DASR has already PCS’d, can he/she recruit at the new location?
A4. No, if the Soldier has already checked into his/her new command, they fall under the Recruiter Recall Program. The recall program team can be reached at hrc@

Q5. Does the E-AIP 4187 need to be signed by the entire chain of command before submitting to G1?
A5. Yes, the entire chain of command (i.e., CO, BN, BDE) must approve the E-AIP 4187 before it is submitted to G1.

Q6. Can a DASR reclassify to 79R prior to receiving E-AIP payment and still receive the money?
A6. No, if a DASR reclassifies to 79R prior to starting the E-AIP extensions period, the Soldier will be ineligible to receive payment.

Q7. Can a DASR receive a 79R reclassification/reenlistment bonus and still receive E-AIP?
A7. No. If a DASR reclassifies to MOS 79R during the E-AIP extension period, the E-AIP will be terminated on the date of reclassification and he/she will be required to repay the government any unearned portion and/or prorated amount of the E-AIP based upon time not served.

Q8. Can a DASR receive Selective Retention Bonus or Conversion Bonus and still receive E-AIP?
A8: Yes, E-AIP repayment will not affect a Soldier’s eligibility to receive any Selective Retention Bonus or Conversion Bonus that they would normally be eligible to receive.

Q9. Can I apply for E-AIP in advance?
A9. Yes, you can apply for E-AIP if you are a DASR whose loss date falls between now and Dec. 31, 2019, but you will not start receiving payment until your 37th month.

Q10. I do not want E-AIP. I am on assignment instruction, however, my report date has been pushed to the right 60 days. Can I travel on my initial orders?
A10. No, HRC will issue you new orders and adjust your report date to reflect the new date. Contact your Battalion S1 if you are in the 90 day window to PCS, and have not received assignment instructions.

Q11. If I am flagged can I apply for E-AIP?
A11: No, DASRs cannot be flagged for any reason and must remain in good standing throughout the E-AIP extension. This includes both voluntary and involuntary extensions, and Soldiers that are participating in the Recruiter Recall Program.

Q12. If a DASR gets involuntarily extended, are they eligible to receive the E-AIP?
A12. Yes, DASRs who are involuntarily extended will receive monthly payments. You will need to submit a 4187 thru your chain of command.

Q13. If I am unable to complete my extension will I have to pay back any money?
A13. Yes, you are required to repay the government any unearned portion and/or prorated amount based on time not served to complete the full extension obligation.

Q14. Can a DASR receive a retroactive E-AIP payments?
A14: No, E-AIP will not be paid retroactively.

Q15. What is the minimum amount of months I can extend under E-AIP?
A15: Under the Flexible E-AIP DASRs can extend a minimum of 90 days.

Q16. Do I need to meet with my Career Counselor before I qualify for the E-AIP and extend past my ETS date?
A16: Yes, DASRs must meet with their Career Counselors and extend or reenlist prior to submitting a request for the E-AIP.

Q17. Can I receive monthly payments of $1,500 under the Flexible E-AIP program dated Jan. 4, 2018?
A17: No, under the Flexible E-AIP program, a lump sum is the only payment option unless you are involuntary extended.

Q18. I submitted a 4187 months ago. How do I know I was approved for the E-AIP?
A18: Unit S1s will receive a copy of the approved 4187 via SharePoint. USAREC G1 will submit all 4187s to DFAS for payment. The service member should also receive a notification through email that an approved E-AIP 4187 was added to their Army Military Human Resource Record in iPERMS.

Q19. I was involuntarily extended and would like to PCS as soon as possible. Can I contact HRC to get my orders?
A19: No, all orders coordination must be made through USAREC G1. Please contact your unit S1 for any orders inquiries.

Q20. I was involuntarily extended but would like to voluntarily extend for 90 days. Am I eligible to receive payment for the involuntary and voluntary period?
A20: Yes, the Soldier must submit two separate 4187s. The Flexible E-AIP 4187 is for the 90 day extension, and the Involuntary Extension 4187 is for the involuntary period.

Q21. Can I submit an E-AIP 4187 directly to HRC?
A21: No, all 4187s must be approved by the chain of command (i.e., CO, BN, BDE), and routed to USAREC G1 for approval.

Q22. If I sign up for a 12 month E-AIP extension and only complete 9 months of the extension, will I have to pay back a portion of the $18k lump sum?
A22: Yes, you are required to pay back the unearned prorated portion (i.e., 3 months) of the $18k lump sum you received.



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