News | Dec. 10, 2018

Army a family affair for 3rd Medical Recruiting Battalion Physician Recruiter

By Lori Kullberg 3rd Medical Recruiting Battalion

It’s not every day a father and son get to enlist and reenlist together.

In a symbolic ceremony conducted at the Minneapolis Military Entrance Processing Station on Nov. 13, Sgt. 1st Class Justin Knight reenlisted for the final time of his career on the same day his son, Devon Dandoy, was shipping into the Army.

Knight serves as a physician recruiter for the U.S. Army Bloomington Medical Recruiting Station in Bloomington, Illinois.

Knight commented the event was made all the more special by sharing it with Sgt. 1st Class Robin Ciani, his sister, "My sister, Robin was my reenlistment NCO, we got the whole family involved!”

“This was definitely the coolest thing I've gotten to experience in the Army," Knight said. "I never thought I would be raising my hand in a MEPS again!"



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