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News | Feb. 22, 2017


Warrant Officer Recruiting

Effective immediately, Army (RA/AR) personnel applying for a WO MOS that is grouped in a higher Physical Demand Category (PDC) compared to their current MOS/AOC must take an OPAT prior to WO application submission. Example: 68W (Moderate-PDC) applying for 153A (Heavy-PDC). Local commanders are responsible for ensuring the OPAT is administered prior to signing the Company Commander’s Letter of Recommendation (LOR) in accordance with (IAW) FRAGO 1 to HQDA EXORD 071-17. The OPAT results must be part of your WO application packet. OPAT Physical Demand Categories

All sister service (Air Force, Marine, Navy and Coast Guard) personnel selected by the USAREC Active Component US Army WO Selection Board must take and pass an OPAT prior to enlisting into the Army. Personnel must achieve a score that qualifies them for their selected WO MOS prior to shipping to Initial Military Training (Army Basic Training/WOCS). See WO MOS OPAT Physical Demand Categories (PDC) chart to determine the PDC requirement for each MOS. Once selected for Warrant Officer sister services applicants will report to nearest Recruiting Center upon receipt of HRC’s Official Notification for transfer to US Army. The Army Recruiting Center POC will administer the OPAT in accordance with instructions outlined in USAREC Message 17-010, para 20. OPAT Physical Demand Categories




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