News | Jan. 3, 2018

USAREC receives Army Superior Unit Award

By By MG Jeffrey J. Snow USAREC

Happy New Year, Team!

When I first took command of USAREC, I had a limited understanding of what it takes to provide the strength of our Army. It quickly became apparent that the U.S. Army Recruiting Command is a unique, geographically dispersed command which relies heavily on the professionalism of its members to continually meet the accessions missions year in and year out.

In 2016 you were able to achieve both the Regular Army and Army Reserve Accession Missions, a feat that had not been accomplished in the previous five years. The Sergeant Major of the Army recommended we submit a request to the Army leadership to recognize your hard work by awarding the Soldiers of this command with the Army Superior Unit Award. I am proud to announce that Soldiers who were assigned as members of the United States Recruiting Command any time during Fiscal Year 2016 (1 October 2015 through 30 September 2016) have been awarded the Army Superior Unit Award and are authorized to wear this permanent award immediately.

The proud tradition that symbolizes a unit as “superior” is rich in history. Many of us have been assigned to units that authorize the wearing of this award while assigned to that unit. Qualifying Soldiers are receiving this as a permanent award and can proudly wear it on their uniforms for the remainder of their military careers, even if they depart USAREC.

I am proud of each and every member of this command -- military and civilian. Thank you for all have done and continue to do to accomplish our mission.

MG Jeffrey J. Snow
Strength 6



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