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News | Nov. 17, 2022

USAREC recognizes winners for 2022

By Bailey Senerchia USAREC Public Affairs

U.S. Army Recruiting Command leaders recognized the top units, civilian employees and recruiting NCOs for fiscal year 2022 during the Annual Leaders Training Conference at Fort Knox this week.

Maj. Gen. Johnny Davis and Command Sgt. Maj. John Foley, the USAREC command team, presented the awards in a ceremony held on Nov. 17.

“What a great day to recognize those who have truly unleashed their superpowers and are helping us make history,” Davis said. “What a pleasure it is to recognize them in front of all the command teams.”

Top Recruiting Brigade:

  • 6th Recruiting Brigade

Top Recruiting Battalions:

  • 1st Recruiting Brigade: The New York City Recruiting Battalion
  • 2nd Recruiting Brigade: The Miami Recruiting Battalion
  • 3rd Recruiting Brigade: The Nashville Recruiting Battalion
  • 5th Recruiting Brigade: The San Antonio Recruiting Battalion
  • 6th Recruiting Brigade: The Portland Recruiting Battalion

Civilian Employees of the Year:

  • Outstanding Organizational Support Employee of the Year: Michell O. Burdine, 3rd Recruiting Brigade
  • Outstanding Program Support Employee of the Year: Brian Hatt, Headquarters USAREC G-3
  • Outstanding Program Specialist of the Year: Troy A. Lawton, Army Marksmanship Unit, Marketing and Engagement Brigade
  • Outstanding Professional Employee of the Year: Anne-Marie O’Sullivan, Chicago Recruiting Battalion, 3rd Recruiting Brigade
  • Outstanding Supervisory Employee of the Year: Charles D. Ebel, Headquarters USAREC G-3

Recruiting Noncommissioned Officers of the Year:

  • Regular Army: Staff Sergeant Noel Daker, 3rd Recruiting Brigade
  • Army Reserve: Sergeant First Class Giovanna Avila, 2nd Recruiting Brigade
  • Station Commander: Sergeant First Class Jamie Pilcher, Medical Recruiting Brigade
  • First Sergeant: First Sergeant Clifford Hammond, 1st Recruiting Brigade

“This is the best thing we get to do, is recognize units and people,” Foley said. “This is all about winning and competing, if you can’t put someone on the field, you have zero percent chance of winning.”



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