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News | Dec. 16, 2021

USAREC to launch updated Gold Badge Points System

USAREC Public Affairs

U.S. Army Recruiting Command is launching a major update to the Gold Badge Points System Dec. 17 to simplify the calculations and make the Gold Recruiting Badge achievable for all who meet their assigned mission.

This policy change is part of the command’s effort to modernize the missioning process beginning in the second quarter of fiscal 2022. 

“We are going to hold you accountable, but you have to hold yourself accountable as well,” said Command Sgt. Maj. John Foley, USAREC’s senior enlisted leader, during the command-wide virtual town hall Dec. 14.

For non-prior service recruiting brigades, Recruiting NCOs and station commanders will earn points for every enlistment with additional incentives for overproduction. Points will be awarded based on individual contribution – action points are going away, with base points taking their place.

The Fiscal 22 Annual Recruiting Edge features:

  • Base of 20 points for every enlistment.
  • When a Future Soldier ships, the Recruiting NCO gets a base of 30 points.
  • A Future Soldier loss deducts a base of 20 points.
  • CAT I-IIIA is an additional 10 points.
  • Subsequent enlistments in the same phase line, equals the base points of 20 plus 10 additional points.
    • Ex: If a recruiting NCO has two enlistments, they would earn 20 base points for the first enlistment. For the second enlistments they earn the base of 20 points plus 10 points. Resulting in 50 total points (20+30) =50.
    • If a recruiting NCO has three enlistments, they earn 20 base points, 20 base points plus 10, resulting in 30 for the second contract, and another plus 10, resulting in 40 for the third contract. Three enlistments equal 90 points (20+30+40).

Station commanders with an authorized deputy station commander position will receive points awarded as the average of the recruiting NCOs assigned to their station, including the deputy. Soldiers will also receive Mission Success and Volume Accomplishment points.

Mission Success points are awarded to those that meet 100 percent of the station’s net monthly mission by category for both Regular Army and Army Reserve.

Volume Accomplishment points are awarded to those that meet 100 percent of station’s net monthly mission for both Regular Army and Army Reserve.

Mission and volume points will be awarded to those who contributed to the mission. Soldiers who do not contribute toward their station mission will not earn Mission Success or Volume Accomplishment points.

There may be additional seasonal bonus points available throughout the year.

The full outline of the updated Gold Badge Points System will be available for review on iKRome in second quarter of fiscal 2022. At this time, the Medical Recruiting Brigade will still operate on the previous system.  




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