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News | Jan. 9, 2019

FY 18 MAJ ACC USAREC Officer Promotion Selections

USAREC Public Affairs

Congratulations to the U.S. Army Recruiting Command officers selected for promotion to major.


FY 18 MAJ ACC List


Headquarters, U.S. Army Recruiting Command


Eder Bennett                      LG

Kenya Wicks                       AG

Kenneth Kovach                IN

Eloise Jeanbart                  PO


1st Recruiting Brigade


Raymond Klutse               AR

Sean McSherry                 OD

James Whitney                 AR

Michael Campbell            IN

Zachary Ciccolo                MP

Devon Diaz                        AG

Jose Guillen Pedrozo       SC

Lucas Holmbeck               MI

Chardette James              QM

John Raynor                      TC

Alexander Sinclair            IN

Shemeka Wright              AG


2nd Recruiting Brigade


Greg Doyen                      OD

Christopher Jones           QM

Teri McMahan                 AG

Jodie McQuillan               OD

Travis Newton                  SC

Kenny Nguyen                  FI

Terrence Parker               AG

Michael Phillips                MI

Daniel Porris                     AR

Kenneth Scott                  TC

Sumalindinie Serion        QM

Alfierita Wilson                AG


3rd Recruiting Brigade

Daniel Pearson                  SC

Bryan Velez                        AG

Theresa Foster                  AG

Cory Brown                        MP

Braden Hawkins               IN

Eulogio Garciaflores        TC

John Gonzales                   IN

Justin Newlin                     AG

Jordan Salcedo                 QM

Christopher Pursel          AR

Dathan Williams               MI


5th Recruiting Brigade


Jason Anderson                  IN

Tyrie Carroll                        MI

Harold Castaneda             QM

Denard Honeysuckle        MP

Kweku Kwarteng               TC

Robert Townsend Jr.        SC


6th Recruiting Brigade


Yelena Alexander               SC

Oscar Ibarra                        MP

Andrew Ludlow                  AD

Perry Pham                         AR

Carlos Semidey                   SC

Joshua Redden                   SC

Kenneth Wheeler              AV



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