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Group of young men and women in black shirts and kaki pants stand outside as man in Army blue dress uniform and beret stands to the front of their formation.
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Man in black and white t-shirt and gray pants and black shoes holds phone in front of his chest in left hand and a stainless steel water bottle in right hand.
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One male with blond hair and beard in black shirt and blue jeans stands next to man with beard in grey shirt, baseball cap, and black pants making a thumbs up sign.
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White male with beard in white shirt, sunglasses, baseball cap backwards holds up a a grey and white striped fish.
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Retired Gen. Carter Ham, president and CEO, Association of the United States Army, and Maj. Gen. Frank Muth, commanding general, U.S. Army Recruiting Command, sign a memorandum of understanding during the AUSA Conference in Washington, D.C. today. This event formalizes a partnership between the two organizations to establish a cooperative framework for outreach.
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