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News | Feb. 12, 2024

Meet Your Recruiter – Master Sgt. James Dayie

By Lauren Reho USAREC Public Affairs

As we commemorate Black History Month, we recognize and honor the profound impact of black individuals in shaping the tapestry of our nation’s history and Army mission.

Master Sgt. James Dayie, originally from Accra, Ghana, currently serves at the Warner Robins Recruiting Station. To Dayie, Black History Month is a celebration of the strength, culture and progress of African Americans—an occasion to pay respect to their contributions, understand their struggles and acknowledge their triumphs.

“This month educates and raises awareness of the rich cultural heritage woven into society by black people,” Dayie said. “Personally, it's a time to reflect on shared experiences, honor ancestors and inspire coming generations toward a fair and inclusive future.”

Dayie draws motivation from individuals whose achievements and integrity align with his beliefs and aspirations. The person he is today is a combination of experiences, education, exposure and invaluable mentorship from subordinates, peers and superiors.

“Engaging with diverse cultures, pursuing educational opportunities and embracing varied perspectives have all played significant roles in shaping my character and values,” Dayie said. “Internalizing the discipline and determination instilled by my father and the unwavering support of friends and family have greatly contributed to influencing who I am today.”

While Dayie has not faced personal challenges based on his race, he remains conscious of the systemic issues and prejudices affecting many in the black community. Recognizing these challenges fuels his commitment to advocate for equity, striving to contribute to a more just society where everyone is valued and motivated to thrive.

“I can be a role model by exemplifying integrity, resilience and excellence in all my endeavors,” Dayie said. “By demonstrating unwavering dedication to duty, embracing diversity and advocating for equality, I aim to inspire others to reach their full potential. Through mentorship and leading by example, I strive to foster a culture of inclusion and empowerment, ensuring that the next generation of Soldiers and Recruiters have the support they need to thrive in their careers.”

Dayie emphasizes identifying and appreciating diverse voices and experiences within the black community. Through understanding and unity, he says we can continue to uplift, encourage and celebrate the contributions of black individuals in all aspects of society.



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