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U.S. Army Esports Team Member

Spc. Nicolas Harrop

Spc. Nicholas Harrop was born in Panama City, Panama. He is a child of a military family, raised all around the world. He acquired his GED to follow his father by enlisting into the military in 2018. He has been playing games his entire life after being introduced to them by his brothers, He served four years as an unmanned aircraft operator (15W) before joining the U.S. Army Esports Team.

Harrop has been a part of the gaming community playing competitively since the age of five. He enjoys the experience games provide during gameplay and the people he gets to meet and befriend in the process. He instantly knew he wanted to be a part of the team once he learned of it three years into his enlistment. He had always hoped he would someday get to be a part of a team where he improved with his teammates.

Harrop has been recognized for his exceptional service and his dedication to his unit while stationed at Wheeler Army Airfield, Hawaii. He is excited to excel in his current position here at Fort Knox, Kentucky as he continues looking to thrive in his military career.