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U.S. Army Esports Team Member

Cpl. Zakeree Chapa

Cpl. Zakeree Chapa was born in Mount Pleasant, Texas and is married to Danielle Gunter. He decided to join the military shortly after high school to experience the world. He currently has been enlisted for 6 years and is striving to complete the full 20.

Chapa has been playing video games since he was five years old. A sense of accomplishment in winning or improving his craft in his main game in the Rocket League is what drives him. Video games also are an outlet where he can forget the negative and focus on the positives.

Enlisting as a human resource specialist, Cpl. Chapa has been to three different duty stations: Wheeler Army Air, Hawaii, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, and is currently stationed at Fort Knox, Kentucky. While serving in Hawaii, Chapa was recognized for being the NCOIC and OIC during a Pacific Pathways rotation to Thailand and Philippines.