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U.S. Army Esports Team Member

Staff Sgt. Christopher Hepburn

Staff Sgt. Christopher Hepburn was born and raised in Opelika, AL. He is a husband and father of one. He has multiple family members who have served in the military and was one of the reasons why he joined. SSG Hepburn graduated from Opelika High School. He has completed over 18 years in the military. Staff Sgt. Hepburn joined the Army mainly because of 9/11 and support of his country.

When Hepburn started playing on older DOS Windows computers and the Atari. His gaming days didn't really take off until he was in high school and several of his friends were playing StarCraft and Ghost Recon. This is where his competitive gaming started. Hepburn has deployed four times in his career and during those times, he would set up networks for Soldiers to play games on a local area network. Hepburn is top 0.7% in the world for ranked standard 3v3 Rocket League.

As a staff sergeant in the U.S. Army, Christopher has been recognized for his exceptional service and dedication to Soldier's in 526th BSB, 2nd BCT, 101st Airborne Division at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. He received the Bronze Star for his leadership, mentorship, and work ethic and was a vital part the 2nd BCT's mission success.