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U.S. Army Esports Team Member

Spc. Nathan Fuller

Spc. Nathan Fuller was born at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. His father was also in the Army. He joined the US Army to enable himself to complete his higher education. He got into gaming at a young age and has never stopped. Gaming provides an outlet away from all the regular stressors of life to get away.

As a MQ-1 Operator, he has been on two deployments. He finds pride and honor in the act of protecting other service members as the eyes in the sky. To him, serving is not only for the betterment of himself, but to find purpose alongside his fellow soldiers. Spc. Fuller Fuller is currently at 900+ accident-free flight hours.

Before getting into Rocket League, Spc. Fuller's main competitive game was Counter Strike: Global Offensive. At this contest, he reached the rank of "The Global Elite", which is around the top one percent of players worldwide. Currently with his focus on Rocket League, he is striving for even higher than his current Grand Champion One, a rank that is only obtained by only 0.7% of players.

SPC Fullers goals for the future include completing his bachelor’s degree and obtaining a career in the field of Aviation. He is currently working toward a degree in Unmanned System applications. He also plans to complete his private pilot’s license and work on his commercial license following that.