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The Golden Knights organization is made up of five different sub-teams, or sections: the demonstration team, the tandem team, the competition team, the aviation team, and the headquarters.       


The demonstration section consists of 26 members who travel around the United States, performing at various events in support of Army recruiting.     



The tandem section provides Soldiers, heads of state, celebrities and other VIPs the opportunity experience the thrill of skydiving.


The competition section travels around the world to jump in various skydiving competitions.       


The aviation team is comprised of the pilots, crew chiefs, and mechanics responsible for flying and fixing the team's two Fokker C-31 Troopships and three DeHaviland Twin Otters. 


The headquarters team organizes and provides logistical support for jumps and events. They are also responsible for getting the word out to the public whenever the Golden Knights are scheduled to perform.