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Enlistment cancels debt, frees up future for lady Ohioan
Pvt. Mia Spratley joined the U.S. Army Reserve to be a horizontal construction engineer. She was an esthetics student when she enlisted.
March 4, 2021 - A Ph.D. out in the country. That’s what Pvt. Mia Spratley wants to be, and that’s why she’s now in the U.S. Army.

Ohio Secretary of State joins the Army Reserve
Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose takes the Oath of Enlistment at the Columbus Military Entrance Processing Station in Columbus, Ohio on March 1, 2021. LaRose joins the Army Reserve roughly 12 years after having left the Army to pursue an education, a family and career, but he always missed it. “Being a Soldier is part of who I am. It’s a part of me at my core.”
March 2, 2021 - It is not uncommon for a Soldier to join the Army, do some time, get out to pursue other ventures and come back in. What is unusual is when that Soldier comes back after 12 years, college and a family, having risen to the position of Secretary of State (of Ohio). Frank LaRose never second guesses his past decisions nor does he look back at the past, with one exception – leaving the Army.

USAREC recognizes 2020 annual award winners
Sgt. 1st Class Brian Filipowski was named U.S. Army Recruiting Command's First Sergeant of the Year during an online awards ceremony. Filipowski is assigned to the command's Medical Recruiting Brigade.
Jan. 14, 2021 - Some of the best in U.S. Army Recruiting Command for fiscal year 2020 were recognized during an online ceremony Wednesday.

‘Virtually’ Everywhere: USAREC participating in online career fairs nationwide
Capt. Lucas Pierce interacts online with students from George Mason University during a virtual career fair hosted by the school. A U.S. Army Recruiting Command campaign to blitz the fast-growing world of virtual fairs is running through mid-December. Pierce is assigned to the command’s 1st Recruiting Brigade.
Nov. 23, 2020 - Things are Indeed busy on the virtual recruiting front.

Kentucky commissioner ‘PaYS it forward’ with USAREC commander
Maj. Gen. Kevin Vereen, USAREC commanding general, and KDVA Commissioner Keith Jackson signed an Army Partnership for Youth Success agreement during a ceremony here on the eve of Veterans Day.

(U.S. Army photo by Lara Poirrier)
Nov. 10, 2020 - Tuesday was PaYS day for the Kentucky Department of Veteran’s Affairs and Army Recruiting Command.

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The US Army 3rd Recruiting Brigade recruits with integrity the highest quality men and women to meet the needs of an expeditionary Army, while taking exceptional care of Soldiers, Civilians and Families.  



      Believe that we can win. Winning starts in the “heart” of recruiters


      Empower leaders at all levels to make decisions required to win

      As long as they are legal, moral, and ethical, I have your back


      Brigade is here to help, but you need a good future plan for us to help you

      Continue to fight like no one is coming to help (current Phase Line)

      Develop an unconstrained plan to employ your resources and use resources from higher to make mission for future Phase Lines


      Seek to unburden recruiters with distractions and focus them on recruiting

      Right place, right time, right message


      Expand the impact of everything you do

      Use media and social media at every opportunity to connect with internal and external audiences


     Endstate: Achieve precision mission for FY 19.


Mailing Address:

ATTN: (Office & Name)
United States Army
HQ, 3rd Recruiting Brigade
1307 3rd Avenue
Fort Knox, KY 40121-2725

Please forward any questions or comments to
3rd Recruiting Brigade Webmaster

If you are interested in joining the Army, call 1-800-USA-ARMY,
 ext. 181 or visit www.goarmy.com.

If you are interested in the Army Reserve, call 1-800-USA-ARMY,
ext. 182 or visit www.goarmyreserve.com





Brigade Contact List

Department of the Army
ATTN: (Office & Name)

HQ, 3rd Recruiting Brigade
1307 3rd Avenue
Fort Knox, KY  40121-2725

Brigade Leadership/
Command Group Secretary 

Fax:   502-626-2069

Soldier & Family Assistance
Fax:  502-626-2069

Family Advocacy
Fax:  502-626-2069

502-626-1039 or 502-626-4052
Fax:  502-626-2069

Advertising & Public Affairs
502-626-1030 or 502-626-1743
Fax:  502-626-0995

Education Specialist
Fax:  502-626-2793

Equal Opportunity Advisor
Fax:  502-626-0985

Brigade IMO
Fax:  502-626-1151

Brigade Judge Advocate
Fax:  502-626-1580

Brigade S-1
Fax:  502-626-1253      

Brigade S-2
Fax:  502-626-0600

Brigade S-3
502-626-0582 or 502-626-0755
Fax:  502-626-0765

Mobile Recruiter Training Team

Brigade Band