News | May 15, 2015

***ALL Sister Service applicants still MUST submit a signed Tattoo Validation and Waiver Request Memo (regardless if applicant has tattoos) but are NOT required to separation board proceedings if tattoos are not ICW AR 670-1 Para. 3-3b and 3-3c, dated 10 April 2015****

Warrant Officer Recruiting

DA PAM 670-1, Para 3-3 provides guidance on the photos to be included with a Tattoo Waiver Request. Based on photos previously received, the DA G1 has additional guidance:

1. Applicant should be in the IPFU (authorized PT uniform for applicants from other Services) when having their tattoo(s) photographed.
2. Color photos are required using a white or neutral color background.
3. Photos will depict tattoo location and size by showing the entire area below the elbow, below the knee, and/or above the t-shirt neck line using a ruler.
4. In order to show perspective, a full-length photo of the applicant showing their tattoo(s) is also required.
5. There are no specific camera settings required; however, all photos must be clear and visible.