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  • ALL APPLICANTS will complete the survey at the the following link. This will allow us to ensure that the packet process is efficient and that we continue to improve ourselves https://efm.goarmy.com/EFM/se.ashx?s=2EA0F6791B088901  


  • All applications MUST be COMPLETE to be processed. INCOMPLETE packets will be REJECTED without action. Waivers request must be included with the packet (USAREC Boards will process them accordingly).

  • For "New" applications, please allow 10 - 15 working days for processing, after submission, before inquiring about the status.


  • Applicants who do not require waiver approval and submit a 100% error free packet, by the respective cutoff date, are guaranteed to go to that board. Pending Waiver approval or packet deficiencies can cause you to miss a board.


  • Please check the WO Selection Board schedule for new packet submission cutoff dates.


  • Any applicant fully qualified/not selected for two consecutive boards will be considered not select/not competitive and may not reapply for one year from the date of the DA 61, IAW DA PAM 601-6, Ch2, para 6.



  • NCOs will submit their most recent TEN YEARS of NCOERs and all of their Academic Evaluation Reports (1059s). NCOs who have less than ten years as an E-5 or above, will submit all of their NCOERs. EX: 8 years of NCO service will submit 8 years worth of evals; 6 year of NCO service will submit 6 years worth of evals; 12 years of NCO service will submit 10 years worth of evals and so on. Do not submit reports that extend beyond the current ten year period.