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News | March 14, 2024

Soldier Spotlight: 3rd Recruiting Brigade Celebrates Women’s History Month

By Keri Anne Smialek U.S. Army 3rd Recruiting Brigade

The 3rd Recruiting Brigade of the United States Army Recruiting Command celebrates Women’s History Month with a spotlight on Master Sgt. Samantha Villafuerte as a “Fearless Female of the Frontier”.

Villafuerte is an Army Reserve Recruiter and the current station commander for the Chicago Midtown Recruiting Station. A native of the Chicago area, her initial Army Military Occupation Specialty (MOS) was as a human resource specialist, but it was her talent for displaying “selfless service” values which led to her selection as a Recruiter in 2019.

As a Recruiter, she enjoys meeting young people and witnessing their achievements. “[There is] no greater satisfaction than helping others have their moments and accomplish their goals”, Villafuerte said. “You are helping people see how the Army can change their lives!”

With over 20 years of military career experience, Villafuerte can authentically discuss the positive life changes inspired by Army Service. By adopting the philosophies of command sergeants major Hilda Garcia and Stephen Coghill who advised “your work ethic and positive attitude will take you far”, her own life has reaped rewards – professionally through accolades and recognition, and personally through the camaraderie developed in the “Army Family”.

Villafuerte is proud to relate that her Army Service introduced her to people who she now considers life-long friends. She holds Sgt. 1st Class Lafortune and Staff Sgt. Gant-Smith in such high regard that both Soldiers have been named “Godparent” to her 8-year-old daughter, Olivia Lynne.

When speaking of her daughter, Samantha says, “I have a feeling she is going to be a leader in the Army when she turns 17. She is already talking about jumping out of a plane…I said that same thing when I was her age, because I was inspired by my father, Staff Sgt. Tirso Villafuerte.”

Inspired people become inspiring people - That is why the 3rd Recruiting Brigade considers Master Sgt. Samantha Villafuerte a “Fearless Female of the Frontier”.



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