• The Recruiter Recall Program has been discontinued
  • All Soldiers who have received an assignment are locked into the program. 
  • All Soldiers who have not received an assignment did not make the cut off for the program. 
  • All recruiter recall applicants must wait for their background checks to cleared, behavioral health assessment to be approved by the Office of the Command Psychologist and then cleared by HRC. 
  • Allow 6 to 8 weeks to process background checks and behavior health assessments.

Contact:  HRC


Phone: 502-613-5872


Return to Recruiting

The Army requires additional Recruiters to help meet the FY19 accession mission and you possess that skillset.  As a former serving Recruiter the Army is asking for your consideration to volunteer to return to Recruiting duty for a 12-month tour.

If you are a former serving Recruiter who served in that capacity less than 36 months ago, USAREC has agreed to waive refresher training at the Recruiter and Retention Course to expedite your return.  If you exceed the 36 month window you will be required to attend the army recruiter course.  

Incentive.  Assignment Incentive Pay (AIP) for $18,000 lump sum payment, USAREC will offer those who volunteer to return one of their top-5 available Recruiting Company assignments.  Additionally, returning Recruiters are eligible for Special Duty Assignment Pay of $375 per month.



You must be SGT - SFC

Have formerly served as a detailed/volunteer recruiter.

Not have an substantiated recruiter misconducts.

Pass a background investigation.

Your branch also must release you.


To get started:

Complete the below DA Form 4187 signed by your first O-6.

Complete a new DA Form 3822 (mental health evaluation).

Send both of those to the email below.


DA Form 4187 Return Recruiter

DA Form 3822 mental health evaluation (completed by certified army mental health professional)

Commercial:  502-613-5872

Once you have sent your paperwork to HRC, (the email above) they will process.  When completed the Recruit the Recruiter team will contact you for your assignment list.  We will then work with the assignment managers to get you your assignment.

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