The Instructor Training Group Soldiers serve as the primary instructors in support for the USAMU’s mission to improve small arms lethality.
Made up of combat veterans with a wealth of knowledge and first-hand experience, the Instructor Training Group Soldiers conduct tailored marksmanship training courses wherever they are asked to go. These mobile training teams provide effective marksmanship training courses and subject matter expertise to assist commanders in achieving their mission.


In FY-22, the USAMU conducted 33 MTTs at military installations, including 4 events training 50 Drill Sergeants. Each MTT is 5 to 10 days and includes an initial marksmanship assessment, classroom instruction, practical exercises, and a final evaluation to measure improvements in shooting metrics and knowledge. Training is tailored to the unit’s needs, focusing on Basic Rifle Marksmanship with the M-4 carbine and the M-17 pistol. The average cost is $50 per Soldier to conduct world-class instruction, a cost that cannot be replicated in the DoD. MTTs are a force multiplier for partner units, institutional organizations, and division level marksmanship assets to build the Army’s lethality program through spreading expertise and relevant knowledge with emerging technologies.


Instructor Training Group Soldiers conducted 76 lethality missions in FY-22, improving over 2,340 Soldiers’ lethal hit rates by 40% in support of the unit’s mission to enhance lethality to enable the Army to win on a complex, competitive battlefield.

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