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The Instructor Training Group Soldiers serve as the primary instructors in support for the USAMU’s mission to improve small arms lethality.

Made up of combat veterans with a wealth of knowledge and first-hand experience, the Instructor Training Group Soldiers conduct tailored marksmanship training courses wherever they are asked to go. These mobile training teams provide effective marksmanship training courses and subject matter expertise to assist commanders in achieving their mission.


During the past three years alone, our ITG, augmented by marksmen from the various competition teams, conducted over 80 MTTs, and provided training to nearly 4,000 conventional and special operations Soldiers.  ITG assisted with updates to TC 3-22.9 and TC 3-22.35, and authored the supplemental Small Arms Gold Book in support of both aforementioned publications.  Both ITG and our competitive shooting sections are responsible for the development of the Marksmanship Master Training Course; the premier small arms training course formally institutionalized within TRADOC.  ITG has also provided marksmanship education to the officer corps through development of training programs for IBOLC, ABOLC, MCCC, and MPCC.

Contact our Instructor Training Group @ usarmy.benning.usarec.mbx.meb-amu-itg@mail.mil