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USAREC establishes Partnership Outreach Program

FORT KNOX, Ky. – U.S. Army Recruiting Command has established a command-wide Partnership Outreach Program to develop a national network of educated community partners willing to assist local recruiters.


The POP, which already has more than 600 volunteers across the nation, is designed to assist the command in creating awareness in local communities by growing enduring relationships among veterans, community partners and recruiters.

Individuals interested in volunteering can register with the POP at www.goarmy.com/cp, and recruiters can find the contact information for the volunteers in their areas on the USAREC Public Affairs Sharepoint page at https://span.usarec.army.mil/sites/HQ/SpecialStaff/pao/SitePages/Home.aspx.

“This initiative is allowing us to synchronize our partnership efforts across the command and align with

 the Army’s Soldier for Life campaign,” said Brig. Gen. Kevin Vereen, USAREC deputy commanding

general for operations. “We have veterans and many other influencers who are willing to help us tell the
Army story, and the Partnership Outreach Program connects us to them to help determine where they
can best support Army recruiting.”
Surveys indicate that about 50 percent of today’s youth know little to nothing about the U.S. military,
making this initiative key to reconnecting with society, Vereen said.
“With only one percent of the population serving, many Americans do not have a direct connection with
a service member, making it difficult for them to have a true understanding of who we are and what we
do,” he said. “Veterans, in particular, are an incredible resource and can help us create awareness about
Army life and the opportunities it offers America’s youth.”
On a quarterly basis, all POP volunteers receive a recruiting update and other information from the
USAREC commanding general to assist them in creating awareness in their local communities. Regular
communication from the headquarters level will assist with a synchronized message; however, the
personal relationships are to be maintained at the local level.
USAREC commanders at all levels are required by the fiscal 2019 Recruiting Operations Plan to review
the current participant reports and engage with registered participants and local Retired Soldier
Councils. Updates on progress will be part of brigade operations update assessments to the USAREC
commanding general.
“We have hundreds of people willing to support us, but they can’t help if we don’t tell them what we
need,” Vereen said. “Brigade, battalion, company and station commanders are responsible for
maintaining community relationships and providing guidance on how these partners can help with local
recruiting challenges and create awareness with local youth and influencers.”