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News | July 11, 2024

First cohort of talent acquisition technicians graduate, ready to hit the ground running

By Hunter West USAREC Public Affairs

Twenty-five warrant officers completed the Talent Acquisition Course today to become Talent Acquisition Technicians, the Army’s newest Military Occupational Specialty, 420T. The graduation marked the end of a journey, which started in March.

This first cohort consisted of current warrant officers, who were serving in 19 career fields in the active component. Upon graduation, the newest 420T warrant officers will fill in the ranks at multiple echelons as leaders, advisers, trainers and technical experts.  

“As our newest Talent Acquisition Technicians, you will have immediate impact across our USRAREC formations and establish your proponents, which will enable immediate feedback and changes to the way we operate,” said guest speaker, Dr. Agnes Gereben Schaefer, Assistant Secretary of the Army for Manpower and Reserve Affairs.

With the creation of the 420T, the U.S. Army Recruiting Command has brought a new generation of elite recruiting support into the field. These Soldiers will serve as force multipliers within the command as they lead the modernization efforts for the Army’s reinvention of today’s recruiting strategy.

“I was recruited back in 2006, so the times have drastically changed,” said Chief Warrant Officer 2 Juana Trujillo, 420T graduate. “We are more focused on recruiting talent and ensuring that our benefits and incentives remain competitive with civilian markets.”

The 420T graduation marks the beginning of a new age of recruiting for USAREC as the command works to create a more efficient operation through effective management between battalions and brigades, and by streamlining the recruiting process. Talent acquisition warrant officers will play a key role in recruiting operations, data analytics, marketing techniques and public relations.

“The incorporation of data analytics into Talent Acquisition Technician’s role applied in USAREC appears to be a substantial change that will improve efficiency,” said Chief Warrant Officer 3 Troy Capehart, 420T graduate.

As professionals trained in data analytics and marketing techniques, talent acquisition warrant officers provide focus toward keeping the Army competitive with similar careers in the civilian sector. This shift will allow Soldiers in more than 200 jobs to transition from civilian to Soldier life smoothly. These professionals will also use the knowledge they gain from data on industry best practices, expenditures, relationships and strategic data to ensure the Army remains technologically competitive and improve the innovation and adaptability of the recruiting force.

“As our newest subject matter experts in the talent acquisition space, you are more than ready to answer the call we have put out for you and so many others in our force: to acquire, develop, employ and retain the Army of 2040 and beyond,” Schaefer said.

The 25 Soldiers who graduated as part of the inaugural cohort have taken the lead in influencing the new MOS. By collaborating with their fellow Soldiers and the instructors at the Recruiting and Retention College, they are establishing the foundation for integrating into Army recruiting stations and strategizing how to apply their training most effectively in their future assignments.

“Helping one another in this new cohort is paramount,” said Chief Warrant Officer 2 Christopher Button, 420T graduate. “Knowledge gatekeeping is detrimental.”

The Army now provides continuity and growth within the recruiting field. As an organization, USAREC relies on thousands of recruiters and leaders to meet the recruiting mission.

“As a former recruiting company commander and battalion commander, I see the value (420Ts) bring instantly to the team,” said Col. Rick Frank, Recruiting and Retention College commandant. “Wish I had them on my team as a recruiting battalion commander.”

With each Soldier who takes on the challenge of being a Talent Acquisition Technician, USAREC will continue to build on the momentum and ensure the success of the Army’s future for years to come.

“With every winning team, it is not just one player that accomplishes the mission,” Frank said. “The 420T is a great investment and one of the many changes that we will need to make to accomplish our mission not only now, but in the future.”

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